Mermaid at the Boatyard

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By Ema ~ I started my day with sorting my art projects. I have several more planned collages ahead. I think I will order a moleskin journal and make them into it. I have created one like this before. For now I picked up some envelopes to sort and store all my images in. It is a hot day and the pups are enjoying sun bathing. Daisy looked so sweet on the garden stones.

Later in the day I met up with Rose. The guys have been busy working on their little sailboat with hopes to get it out on the water soon. I rarely wear makeup, but Rose did mine today and we are going to go and play at a boatyard nearby to make some mermaid photos..

The boatyard is called the SeaLove Marina next to a restaurant called Down the Hatch and they have lots of cool spots, like places with old canons for this mermaid to play upon. Lili was such a great girl waiting on us as we got ready.

We started playing along the pier. There are some post along the ledge that are a perfect mermaid throne.

I played my ukulele too and made a little video which you can see on my YouTube channel.

We met a local live aboard that gave us some shells to play with while we made photos. I also had my large shell that someone sent me while I was in the hospital a few years ago. It was a total surprise then and gave me so much joy in a time I needed some hope. I travel everywhere with it now. It is my shellphone… lol

Thank you Rose for the beautiful mermaid reflections!

That evening Rose made us a a little treat of some sort of smoked fish on grain crackers with sauerkraut and topped with gooseberry. She also roasted some potatoes, zucchini and garlic. I was only able to eat one with my sensitive belly, but it was so good! I must find out what kind of fish that was!

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