We are Ema and Elle Soleil. I am Ema, the eldest sibling of 7 that were raised by our mother, and Elle is the youngest of the bunch. I travel with my two service dogs, due to chronic health issues, and when I am so blessed, my littlest sister Elle comes along for the sojourn.

Elle was adopted when she was a baby and came home to us at just two days old. She held my pinkie the entire way home. The summer of 2019 we traveled back to Arizona to that same spot. It was her first return since she was just a year old, so it was really special then and now… and yes, the stork dropped her off to my family at a Circle K.

I promised to her birth father, and our parents, before she even arrived that I would do all I could in life for her and help her to grow into all she dreams. I am technically enough years older than her that I could be her mother, so I took this very seriously. I have not been able to have my own children due to lifelong health problems, so my siblings, and doing what I can for them holds a very high place in my heart. Elle was a preemie and so small we had to dress her in doll clothes. From her first days I did all I could to give her a good start and even arranged for a breast milk bank to deliver a daily supply of milk for her. Even though I have been out of the home since she arrived, and am often traveling, I have given my all to support her even from afar and to be there when I could. We are kindred souls. She showed me this when she was just a babe learning to crawl and where did she go… straight to the waters edge to sit in the waves. This girl has had my heart from the start!

Now she is a little lady and I am honored to be sharing the world with her and the love of learning as we travel and explore, with hopes to give back as we go as mermaids on a mission. We want to help bring awareness to protecting the waters of the world from lakes to oceans, and all that call it home. My dream is to someday sail the world and call the waters my home too. You can read more on that at my site Sailing Soleil.

Our family has gone through some hardships, and several in the last couple years, which had left Elle feeling lost. As her sister, and indeed a kindred soul, I felt it was time to show her that there was so much more to life, and she can create whatever life she wants to live as long as she can imagine it, and puts her heart into. This last spring 2019 she began to travel with me and I watched as she found herself again, and so much more. She learned to breathe through stressful situations and look around to see there are always options. She grew to believe in herself and was a natural explorer. This summer 2019 we crossed America in a converted minivan from Michigan to California, and back again, participating in the Junior Ranger Programs through the National Parks Service and building connections for our mermaid path. Be sure to dive into our Mermaid Soleil and Mermaid Elle sites to see more!

We are now doing fundraisers in hopes that she may continue to travel with me. We were blessed to have her join me for sometime in Hawaii this autumn of 2019, where she learned about working with horses and found a new passion in life. We also did a care-taking position where we tended a home and gardens. She is learning much about the history and cultures of each place we go. Europe is the next destination! I would so love to share more of the world with my littlest sister, yet my own health keeps me from being as abundant financially as I would like right now, so Elle will need to reach out to her community to get her wings and be able to keep “world” schooling. We have begun our homeschooling with this new school year and are excited to create an interesting curriculum to take with us as we travel. Please keep an eye on our journal for the next fundraiser, or if you are able anytime follow the donate button and give what you can. Thanks for all your support! Feel free to contact us to know more, or let us know if you need two traveling mermaid sisters at your next event!

Thanks for being here, and supporting the traveling mermaid sisters as we journey! Love and water ~ Ema and Elle Soleil