Following Fate

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By Ema ~ Today I am suppose to head north. There is lots of talk that this virus going around is quite serious and maybe it is best that I go north again as they may end up shutting down state borders. I am rather sad as I have been so ill since the new year that I have so longed to return to the warmth and make art and I have finally made it here. I feel really torn about leaving right now. It has been so good to be surrounded by others and have friends to be creative together. I have so appreciated being with Rose and all the nourishment she has been gifting me through her kitchen creations and just being near her divine spirit. It had been wonderful to have someone to sing with, do yoga, breathe together, and be inspired by. I decided to go for a drive and take Lili for a walk on the pier while I pondered.

It always feels so good to be in the sunshine and warmth. I often feel a lot of pain in my body, but being in the warmth somehow makes everything feel better. I was still feeling that it was not the moment to go and at least wanted to say by to all my new friends, but it seems that everyone was either busy or taking an early night, so I decided to go and find some dinner on my own after taking in the waves and fresh air as the sunset.

I could not decide where to eat, I knew I wanted some fish, so I drove to a few places, but at each one as I was about to park, I felt to move on. I guess I was following fate. I ended up at the North Turn again, even through I had planned to try someplace new. I guess it really was fate, because by the time I finished my meal I had met a bunch of locals and was offered a new care taking position. It is right here on the beach. It feels like I have been given the answer that I am meant to stay longer and I am feeling so grateful. Tomorrow I have plans for a sunrise photo-shoot and then will meet with the owner to collect the keys and see what I need to do while there. I am so excited and feeling blessed!

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