Creating My Collage

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By Ema ~ I have been working on my collage all day. I envisioned something blue and have a project set aside for such, yet my board is actually creating itself it seems, like a message to my own heart. I have taken some boxes and separated out a few projects as I begin laying elements on to the canvas.

I made a smoothie and cleaned the kitchen for my hosts, as a thank you for the space. It is really cool that there is a British Berkefeld water filter here. Mine is in Michigan right now, but has traveled all over the world with me. I am addicted to this collage right now and was right back to it after my breakfast.

Rose stopped by to get her collage. She made hers with a spray glue and it lifted from the canvas. It is pretty cool though to see the different layers together and the words they wrote beneath.

I love all that is coming forth in this collage. I do so wish to live to learn, discover, and share my story!

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