Manifesting Dreams

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By Ema ~ My dear friend Rose had joined me at Cassadie’s for a day of making collage boards in hopes to manifest our dreams. Rose collected magazines from the library and found three big canvas at a local thrift shop. Rose and Dylan, her partner, are searching for their dream sailboat right now to buy and wish to begin living aboard as soon as they find the right one! I am dreaming of the blue waters, but find that I am being called to many images and think I have several projects in the making. We shall see what my canvas becomes. I set up my travel table in the garden and we began the creation process!

Cassadie and her husband Tony are working on one too. Today we heard of some virus going around and I guess there is a joke about it’s name, the Corona Virus, so Tony brought home some Corona Beer. I don’t drink beer, so instead I will enjoy my new Sacred Life GtDaves Kombucha.

Rose and Dylan were moving right along on their board. They starting gluing before everyone else. I hope this is a sign that there bpt will come too! Mine board is coming along, slowly, but surely. It is much different than I imagined, but it is always interesting to see what come out in unplanned art. Like a message to ones own soul.

Thanks to Cassadie for hosting our little creative garden party! I have been longing for awhile now to have community around to make art with. Feeling grateful for moments like these!

Rose and Dylan got their board complete. What a beautiful vision! I wish them all the success of all they dream!

I continued working on my late into the night even after everyone had gone and my hosts had gone to bed. I have not started to glue on my canvas yet, but I am sorting ideas and creating multiple projects! It is true, I have many dreams!

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