Daisy Dear

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By Ema ~ We are in our new spot and making friends with Daisy, the little pup that lives here. She has a sister named Baily too. Lili loves little dogs as it was what she was around mostly, when she was little. I have not been feeling the best and am grateful for a spot to land a moment and tend to things through my computer. Thanks to my hosts for the enchanting spot and a wifi connection. I am happily getting some much needed updates done as I dwell in the garden. They are artists and make poured paint cement garden stones that raise money for local dog shelters. I will have to make one sometime with them and share more about that.

Lili is making herself at home and has joined Daisy in her bed.

For dinner I made a goat cheese, zucchini and summer squash noodle dish. I always try to take care of my hosts, as they are so caring giving me a spot to land. I so appreciate and am grateful for the wonderful people I meet along the way of my journey!

Thanks to dear Daisy and her parents for taking us in a moment!

That night I did end up ill, and did not want to wake my hosts by coming in. I am welcome, but sleeping in the van, and did not want to wake the guard dogs. Thankfully the boatyard is right next door and no one is really around at night, so I went and used the bathroom there and took a shower. Water always helps the pain. I am so grateful to the many people and places that give me access, allow me to travel, even through the difficult times. My health is a struggle, but it makes me push through with all my might, to enjoy this life as I may. I am indeed grateful for each day!

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