My Vision

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By Ema ~ My vision board is complete. It is so different then what I thought I was creating to begin, yet I love what came forth. I added some blue thanks to the dolphins I found and am pleased with my creation. I think that it is done! So many good reminders in this vision. I indeed live to learn, discover, and share my story. How important the water is to me, it is the essence of my spirit, and my home. I do dream to sail away someday and swim with the dolphins again. They are my original pod and love. How I desire to take the road never traveled and create my own way. The focus of the importance of my spiritual path is present, to find my inner comfort and to dream forth universes. I do desire to find my family, a spiritual partner, and possibly to carry a baby along with me, if it is meant to be. We must all remember to enjoy, and be in joy. So much, and more!

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