Breakfast Before Sunrise

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By Ema ~ We made it back to the boatyard last night and never made it to bed. Lili and I joined our new friend Joshua on his boat and ended up staying up until morning on his boat. It makes me dream of what life could be like living aboard. Since we were still awake by the time the cafe at the boatyard opened that we decided to go and get breakfast. I decided to feast and have french toast. They did not have real maple, but I ran back to the van to get some jam while they cooked.

After breakfast we sat up talking some more in the van until Joshua actually fell asleep in the front seat. I tried to send him back to his boat, but he was out. I went to the bathhouse to use the bathroom before bed. I have been wandering in pajamas for a couple days now. Hey at least my pants have an anchor on them and my scarf has fish, so I at match my environment… lol! After a sleep I planned to come back for an actual shower. When I got back to the van Joshua was still deep asleep, so I covered him up and climbed into the back with Lili.

Unfortunately just awhile later a knock came on the van and we were awoke by the manager. I guess someone has complained about us being here, so our time is up. I am not sure why, as we have been discrete and quiet, but I appreciate that we were at least able to stay a few days. They have stated that I am welcome at the boatyard, but I have to stay on the boat not in the van. Joshua’s boat is not quite set up for such right now, but thankfully the guys and Rose took me in for another night. Joshua was exhausted as we never really did get any sleep, so Lili and him curled up on the couch and were fast to their dreams. I got my much needed shower.

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