Silly Lili

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By Ema ~ We woke early to use the shower before the boatyard got busy and passed a really cool car along the way. I am not a big car person, but I love history and how things we built in the past were like pieces of art. We lost most of that in our search for function over form. The shower house has a cafe right next to it, so I have found that it is best to shower late at night after everyone has gone, or early in the morning before the breakfast crowd arrives.

We made our way over to see Rose. She always has so many wonderful elements that surround her. She has gifted me a cup of tea to drink, a stone to carry for awhile, and a book to check out.

I tried to get some photos of Lili and I, but she was being silly in all of the photos.

It was a little chilly today, so Lili cuddled up with Rose that evening while we hung out with the guys for awhile. She is not quite the size of a lap dog, but don’t tell her that… lol!

When it was time to go I found her inside asleep with one of the guys. After I convinced her to get up, which took a moment, we were on our way back to the boatyard.

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