Full Moon & Friends

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By Ema ~ My dear friend Rose made me a lovely breakfast of kale, quinoa, and an egg to start the day. I have been having issues eating greens, but I love my kale and it tastes divine after not having it for so long. I am grateful to have another person around that is so into health foods and was raised macrobiotic, so I am being nourished so well right now. Even if my body is not totally agreeing it is still feeling so good to eat so well again.

Lili and I got ready and made our way to the beach. I love that I can drive onto the beaches here and set up the van for the day. Rose and Dylan, her love, met up with us, but right as they arrived the tide came in and it was time to go. They were actually about to get in the waters to swim when I noticed the waves were almost reaching the van and called them back. The waters were rising fast, so they jumped in and we were off! We actually had to drive through a few waves to get off the beach. I did my best to time them as they went out to move forward, but we still had to drive through a few as the tide rose. Life is indeed an adventure!

That evening I got a bottle of wine to celebrate the full moon and we gathered at our new friends house. I also found some sourdough bread and a great selection of goats cheese at the local market. Cassadie and her husband offered for me to stay, so I have a new spot to park the van for the moment. Feeling grateful for new friends. They are a lovely bunch of souls.

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