Surfer Spot and the Lighthouse

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By Ema ~ I am staying with my dear friend Rosita at a house of surfer boys. It has some cute elements that make this mermaid smile.

There is another dog here for Lili to play with and she is having fun running around exploring the yard. The other pup made a hole in the fence and got out, thankfully I noticed and found him out front. I collected some wood from the backyard and patched the fence so that no we had no more escapes.

I started my day with a dragon fruit, starfruit smoothie and some time practicing my ukulele.

Rose and I went to explore the local area a bit. There is a lighthouse nearby and if you know me you know I love them. So we made a stop with plans to come back and climb it soon. We met a local women that told us the currents are pretty rough here, but if we want to paddle board that it is good in the morning. She did suggest though not to go in the waters here with my tail. This is the shark bite capital of the world. I guess it is a breeding ground and lots of baby sharks that like to taste the locals as they are growing and figuring out what is food and what is not. Best not to confuse them with a mermaid.

We then made our way to the beach. We are on an island called Daytona Shores Beach, so there are beaches everywhere! I am happy!

Lili had fun rolling in the sand. She was a mess, silly girl!

That night Rose and I made a feast of fish tacos for the guys. Rose is truly a Goddess in the kitchen!

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