Last Day Here

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By Ema ~ It is our last day here with Archie. I have not been feeling well, as usual lately. It is often a part of my life, but has been really extreme for awhile now. I am looking forward to joining a dear friend on the other side of the state. It will be nice to have some company around. It has been too quiet lately without Elle here. It was a little cool this morning so I layer up and began working on preparing the van for the journey. Archie is staying close. It is suppose to reach 80 today and I am so grateful! I am always cold and being in temps above 80 are actually comfortable for me. I always feel better in warm temps. Once it hit 80 I felt much better. I think you can see the difference between my morning photo and right before we parted for our journey.

I got Lili’s spot set up and Archie made himself cozy. Once it was time to go and I got her in her spot and Archie was sure he was meant to go with us also and refused to leave the van. It made me quite sad actually. We have grown quite close in this time. We shall indeed miss him too.

We finally said our farewells and got on the road. Passed a really cool spot with all sorts of statues. Wished Elle was here and we could have stopped to make fun photos. I am really missing having her along for the journey. I stopped to calculate my route and took a quick photo.

Passed a really cool park that I will have to come back to someday. It had all sorts of ropes in the trees to play!

Lili was sitting so funny on the trip I did my best to take a photo while driving. Cut her nose in the picture, but this was the first time I have ever seen her sit quite like this.

I arrived late to my friends place and van camped in the yard for the night.

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