Driving on the Beach

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By Ema ~ Lili and I have moved to a boatyard near by thanks to our new friend Joshua Jehu. He has a sailboat here. Last night we sat out on the deck of the sailboat under the night sky and had a visit from dolphins. I was so pleased to wake up in the van next to boats. My dream is to someday live on a sailboat, so this is the awesome merging the vanlife with my dream of living aboard. I wonder if I can start to arrange staying at boatyards along the way of my travels. That would be so much fun. Something I definitely want to look into.

They have beaches here on the island that you can drive onto, something I have never done before and I was so excited to get to set my van up at the beach. I even set up my new table and made a smoothie for breakfast with my hand crank blender while we waited for the arrival of Rose.

Lili and I took a stroll along the boardwalk. I am just loving this area. It is so beautiful here. The van looked so cool from above looking down onto the beach.

My dear Rose arrived and we spent the day at a beach until sunset and got to see the lighthouse lit for the night. It was really beautiful. I hope to climb it soon!

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