Earth Friendly Products

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By Ema ~ I am grateful for My Magic Mud bamboo toothbrush and activated charcoal products! I recently got a reusable bag to keep all together while I travel. I hope I can continue to educate myself to make choices in life that will help to protect this planet and my love the ocean, as well inspire others to do so too!

I also carry metal and glass straws with me everywhere I go. While in Hawaii this autumn my sister and I also got a set of bamboo utensils to carry with us. I have been looking at these ToGo utensils for awhile and finally decided on a children’s set. As a traveler the smaller the things I have to carry, the better.

I have had a Klean Kanteen for many years and recently added the new insulated version to my collection! This will be great when traveling to warmer places! I love these bottles as they have zero plastic and last forever! Some of mine I have had for more than 15 years! They are the best!

Be sure to check out all these great products and help do your part to save the oceans, protect the planet, and you!!!

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