I Love Avocado

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By Ema ~ I awoke ill today, which is often how my life goes. Thankfully after a few hours I was feeling much better and the pups and I went to sit in the sun. It is so wonderful to have warmth again and be able to outside so much.

I think that Archie was hoping we would go out for another adventure. He finally realized we were not going anywhere and settled in for a little nap on the front seat. Lili made herself cozy on the bed in the back.

For lunch I feasted on a huge local avocado. They are kind of watery and remind me of the ones on the island of Madeira. I love avocados and trying them every place I travel! They are so nutritious for you too!

I love having these two sweet pups to spend time with and be back to living my #vanlife. I am truly an outdoorsy girl!

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