Lili’s Battle Wounds

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By Ema ~ Lili disappeared for quite awhile today and left me quite worried. She is starting to get a little too adventurous and today she returned with some battle wounds. I have decided it is best to not risk her going to far, as we are in Florida after all and although there is not water right near by, you still have to always be aware of alligators. I have attached her to the van again for now.

I was not feeling so well again today, but needed some nourishment and started my day with a dragon fruit smoothie. Missing the fresh fruit from Hawaii, but grateful to have frozen as an option. For this I mixed frozen mango, frozen dragon fruit, coconut yogurt, and coconut water. Simple, but so good!

It was pretty cold today for Florida, but I so wanted to be outside so I set up my computer in the van and decided to work on some video editing. Archie joined me in my new office.

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