Making Bath Bombs

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By Ema ~ Elle got a bath bomb DYI kit for Christmas from Mom, so we decided to try it! We have both been quite ill the last few days, Elle with a cold, and I with more extreme than usual stomach issues, so we have not really got to play with any of our Christmas goodies yet. We are kind of bummed that we lost our last few days together being sick, as Elle is returning to our Moms tomorrow. She hopefully will not be gone that long, and will be able to balance out her time with me, our mom, and at her dads. It is so hard to see her go after 7 months with her by my side. She has been dreading the return, yet we are hoping to speak with our mom and that she will see how well Elle has been doing and allow her to return soon. Elle keeps speaking with her about viewing it like she is away for school, a sort of boarding school idea, but traveling the world and studying with her sister, and that she can return home for holidays, summer, and such. We have so many wonderful homeschooling project begun and many more to dive into, as well as an opportunity to travel to Florida soon. We have to connect in there for our affiliation with the Mertailor and as well to build our connection with the Clearwater Aquarium. So we are suppose to be packing Elle, but with us both finally out of bed, we are trying to enjoy some our our last moments together just being creative.

Elle mixed all the ingredients and began filling the molds, but our ingredients were activating and growing inside the shape filling over the edges. While we worked we were dreaming together about things we could create like mermaid accessories and maybe master making bath bombs to sell and raise funding for our travels.

It turned out to be much more difficult than we anticipated. The molds stuck and the shapes broke apart when we tried to remove them, so we settled on making balls with our hands.

If anyone has any tips out there, do let us know! Especially for ones made with more natural products then in a store bought kit. We left out the color included with this set, and added our own essential oils for scent. We shall have to try again sometime!

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