Happy New Year 2020

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By Ema ~ We joined our friend Troy and his kids in Ferndale for the night. We rang in the New Year together at the house and then got the kids settled in before going out into the night to play. Thankfully Troy’s home is next to the venue we are attending their 20’s bash, so we are very close if the kids need us. Lots of silliness ensued as we waited for midnight!

Happy New Year! We had lots of kisses and a toast to celebrate the arrival of 2020!

After ringing in the New Year with the kids we were off to celebrate with the adults. It is not often I go out to clubs, but I was looking forward to dancing. I changed from my long black evening gown that I wore to dinner and got my mermaid dress on which I figured was fitting for the 1920’s dress attire. I amazingly found two other mermaids. One with the exact same dress! I guess I chose the right dress for the night to find my pod!

I made a few other friends. We had hoped to get pictures too at the photo-booth, but it was already closed and wrecked so we did our best to play with what was.

Back at home we had a last glass of wine before everyone retired to bed. One of our new friends now known as my kitchen boyfriend (I guess we have plans to make brunch… lol) came home with us and was the last one up besides me. Troy made it longer than Thomas. I saw Kitchen Boyfriend off in a taxi and then joined Elle upstairs in bed.

I hope you all had a fun New Year and may it be the start of many great things! Welcome to 2020!!

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