Thanksgiving Give Gratitude

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By Ema ~ I am grateful to host my family here today and have my little sister by my side. She has been such a wonderful co-host. She met people at the door and took their jackets, helped in the kitchen, and of course with all the set up. She is growing so mature, and I just love to watch her blossom. It is truly an honor. She made all the seating cards, and a message board to welcome our guests.

We decided to go with a Christmas theme since it is rare to have people here for Christmas and with all the efforts to decorate for the season, we thought it would be fun to have it all set up for our Thanksgiving guests.

Thomas had to run out last night and buy a table and chairs, but now we are set for future occasions.

Elle helped with all the food the guest brought. She was such a dear today.

Thanks to everyone for providing part of the feast, especially Steven for the turkey!

It was a beautiful day, and I am thankful for this food that nourished our bodies, and the company that nourished our souls. I hope you all have many reasons to be grateful!

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