Preparing For Thanksgiving

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By Ema ~ We are hosting thanksgiving here and have begun our prep of pies and such. I also have to make a vegetarian gravy and a tofurkey, as I cannot eat the “normal” affair due to my health issues. We have lots of gluten free options for the day too.

When I was little it was always my job making the ambrosia salad, so this year my little sister took the reigns. She was so proud of herself, it was simply adorable. I am proud of her too! We used all natural dandy’s marshmallows and organic fruits and cream.

Next we were onto the apple pies. We shared stories of how our sister Xena and I always made apple pies together and how Xena even has her own little pan. She wished for one too, so we will have to keep our eyes out for such. I love watching her in the kitchen. She is so confident, and proud of herself, as she should be!

It was late by the time we got everything done, yet we shall have a beautiful feast tomorrow! Elle even made place cards for the table. Everything is set and ready for our guests!

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