Day 50 . Halloween in Hawaii

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A daily reflection by Ema and Elle ~

I got up and made another coconut pudding with the creamed coconut that I have recently discovered. I added Hawaiian spiralina with banana and mango topped with starfruit. It was really good. Something different than smoothies everyday.

I got Elle’s stuff together for Halloween. I am so proud of her. I told her she had to get creative and come up with a costume that represented what she wants to create in her life. She is going to be a cosmic cowgirl dancer homeschooling mermaid traveler. She had all the elements, besides my goddaughter loaned her the pants. All we had to buy was her shell crown for her cowgirl hat and the necklace with school charms we got at the thrift store.

Elle worked on painting her pumpkins while I continued packing. They turned out just adorable. I love her Soleil that became a horse. She is so creative.

She also tended to her little bodhi tree which seems to be doing well after the transplant.

Elle got showered and started getting dressed for her last night out with her circle of girl friends she has made. They are meeting to do makeup and then coming back to the subdivision connected to out land to trick or treat where I will meet up with them.

We got her hair braided, and with the hat everything was really coming together.

She got her boots on and was all complete! I just love this girl and what she had created, as well as what she wants to create in her life. I hope to support her in all she dreams to be!

We met up with her friend Sophie and took her over to meet with the other girls including my goddaughter. I went to pack until it was time to meet up with them for the festivities. I have not seen a lot of pumpkins for the orange spirit of this season, but these flowers are the perfect Hawaiian style of such.

When I got the call I made my way up to the houses to find the girls. It took awhile, but we used our phones to GPS each other and finally met up.

I wandered with them for awhile and then just as we parted ways she called me to come and meet her again so I did. Halloween in Hawaii is so much fun. People are in their yards having BBQs and giving fresh fruit as well as candy, which I so appreciated. It was nice to be able to wander all over and not be cold. We hear it is snowing in Michigan today. Definitely not looking forward to returning to that. A t the end of the night we stopped through to find Sophie’s dad dressed as a gorilla and dancing at the local event in town. We have much to prepare for tomorrow, so from there we headed back to the land and got to bed.

My costume came together just yesterday at the thrift store. I found my shirt at the thrift store for just $1.00 and funny enough it is almost an exact replica to one I had years ago in Paris. I suppose it represents my wings and need to travel. I also had a pearl crown on to bring in my mermaid aspect and life. I chose pants over my normal choice of skirts, so I learn to love my legs. I have always seen them as my flaw. Learning to love all of myself, as we each must do.

By Elle ~ Today I awoke to everyone up. Ema told me I had missed the prayer with sunny that Terry had done and she said I needed to journal. I journaled for awhile but sissy had me soon do my pumpkins. We originally bought us each a pumpkin but terry didint want to do hers so I did hers and ema was busy packing do she wanted me to do hers. I did hers next and then cleaned up finally. After pumpkins we got dressed and prepared to go into town and run a few errands.

We went to the post office to ship a few things but had to open one of the boxes because ema packed away my Halloween costume top. We got it and then asked if they would stamp my book sissy and I have found a passport book and we’ve decided to ask for a stamp from each place we go. They stamped it for us and we left. Then we went to get Thomas his bag but I stayed in the car so I could brush my hair which still was very knotty. At this point Sophie and David were waiting for us and we needed to meet them soon because we were already late meeting them so we went home and got ready really quick. I wanted 2 French braids but we didn’t have time so we just did normal braids. We met them and I got in there car we started driving and were almost to our destination when I realized my shell crown was gone. I searched the car but couldn’t find it when we finally got there I was planing to tell david but thankfully sissy followed us in terry’s car. I told her and she and I looked in the car and thankfully it fell in terry’s car not in the road or something. Sissy took a few pictures of me like she always does.

I went to the girls Stella saw me and said “Oh my gosh elle I’m so sorry I forgot about the shirt” I told her “It’s okay” and ema told her about my top. All the girls got ready and were getting all bloody and such and what was I doing? So glad you asked, I was painting on my ashna. I finally figured out I needed to get the end of a q tip without its fuzz and dip it in some sort of glossy thing. While we were getting ready I mostly hung out with Stella who was trying to hang out with Merice who was paying attention to Sophie. In the end Stella and merice left and I stayed and helped Sophie pick up. Sophie and I went looking for Merice and Stella they were making there costumes bloody. Soon Johnathan came and picked up Stella so Sophie, Merice, and I hung out. I was helping Merice get her costume and  got fake blood on my foot so Merice got me a paper towel and I wiped off my foot. I went into their  dinning room I saw something on the carpet. It was a centipede. The old lady wanted to snip it and she had Scissors in her hand. what did I do I garded it and told her not to snip it over and over. She didint and got another man to get plyers and throw it outside. I didint know there plans and thought they were going to kill it. I felt helpless just telling them not to kill it. Thankfully he listened and put it outside. Sophie did everyone’s makeup and said “next year I’m going to charge money for this.” Merice was ready and Sophie and I were going to wait for Sophie’s mom to pick us up so Sophie and I could get ready. But Mercies family just took us with them to sams house. At sams house I was being eaten but not for long because they just stopped. When Sophie was done we all got each other’s snapchats and shared our location. Then we headed to the table and ate. One of merices family members said there was pop, Hawaiian sodas, and beer in the cooler which we all thought to be very funny. We left with everyone before trick or treating at sams. We all left when Sophie and Merice started to run back I didint follow because I didint want to lose my shell head piece like earlier or my bandana which fell out when I was getting ready. When they came back Merice said “I forgot my cousin” (Sam) we continued with them I hung out with merice and Sophie and Stella hung out with her friends . I told Sophie “you cant see your eyebrows in the dark” (Sophie had glued up her eyebrows). We were all trick or treating when sissy asked were I was I tried directing her to me but she was having trouble so she went to life 360 which was off so I turned it on and she walked to me. I was behind so one of Stellas friends came and said she felt bad for me all alone so she would walk with me. We talked a bit and finally sissy came. I trick or treated with her a while with the girls when we lost everyone I was sure most went one way but we saw stella and some of her friends go the opposite way so we followed. I texted Merice who told me to text Sophie. By now I lost everyone but my sister. We met a jelly fish though.

We finally met Sophie and walked back. I told sissy our plan and she left we were there for a while and there was this little boy who took my candy I let him have a few pieces before I put a stop to it. I did tic tok but I left when Sophie left and Ema came for me. We went home and went to bed after some candy and taking off my costume and makeup. 

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