Day 51 . Farewell to 4-H and The Island

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A daily reflection by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ I got up and got all finished that we need to ship and we got it to the post office. We have also been collecting stamps in a little book I got for Elle, like a mini passport book. This way she can collect the places we have been. I just wish we had thought about it when we traveled across the country this summer, but at least we have our national parks passport from that time. We stopped through town for a last few treats and shared them to savor our favorites of the area, a smoothie from the natural food store and the lilikoi frosty from the cafe in Kapa’au. We also got some lilikoi coconut ice cream for later. We stopped through Elle’s favorite shop Olivia Clare and I got the sweater I have been considering the entire time I have been here. Since it is the last day and it is still waiting here for me I guess it is meant to be. On the way back to the land we stopped to finally see the King Kamehameha Statue. It is the original one created for all the islands, but was actually lost at sea for some time and so was not the first erected to honor the king who united the Hawaiian islands. It was later found, restored, and placed here in the little town we have been staying in, where the King grew up.

We had a few more stops including to take the tools back we borrowed for making our horse shoe art, but she was not home, so we left them on her porch. I wished I had a little note to leave her and thank her. We were sad not to get to hug her goodbye, yet hope our paths shall cross again sooner than later in life. I had wanted to saw farewell to my goddaughters family and brought starters and seeds for my Goddaughters mother’s garden, but they were all ill, so we had to give our love through the door and leave our gifts behind. Jonathan, my Goddaughters father was suppose to take us to the airport originally, so we had to figure that out too. We then stopped through to see David, the father of one of Elle’s new friends, as my goddaughters family is ill and I am still working on getting us to the airport. The land owner could take us, but it is a late flight and I don’t want to make her drive in the dark if we don’t have to. Thankfully David is able and we have everything in order.

It was back to the house to keep packing and getting all together for our flight tonight. It is Elle’s last 4-H class, so we got her ready and a little package for her teacher that she made. Everyone was really sad that it would be her last day. It was a darling moment.

Elle made a horse shoe we hung long with pink hemp string and added a pink rose flower clip. It can be used to store more clips. Her Auntie Shay loves pink. For now she hung it around her neck proudly, which was so sweet.

She also gifted her with pink flowers…

and the letter and drawing she made for her, which you can see in her journal, just below. I know for Elle this is what she will miss most about leaving the island. For me it will be the warmth and waters, and being able to give her this experience as well. She had blossomed her courage so much since she began working with the horses. She has indeed proven to herself she can do whatever she believes she can do, and I believe she is capable of anything she puts her heart into. I do so love this girl!

I had to get Elle back to the house to shower and close up our last bags. Everything was together and we said our farewell to Sunny and Terry. David arrived and helped get us loaded up. We were on our way. The sun was setting upon the land as we made our way to the gate.

We stopped at a beach, it was after dark so no last swim, but we sat on the edge with the moons reflection dancing upon the waves and some sort of long fish swimming below the ledge. We had a bite to eat from some foods I cleaned out of the house, unfortunately we forgot our lilikoi coconut ice cream. We will take some stuff for the plane and leave some behind with our friend. He has three kids at home to help eat up the treats we must leave. It was hard to say goodbye to the waters, and this island, but it was time to load up and get on our way.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and we started to pack the last things. I journaled because I was behind as I have been lately. I don’t remember what we had for breakfast but I’m sure it tasted yummy. We went to the post office and got our 2nd stamp for Hawi, Hawaii and sent away our last boxes. When I was opening the gate to leave I saw a pig. It was black and very very big it was right in front of the gate by the bamboo. We officially got our last lilikoi frosty for this trip. It was very yummy and I’m going to miss them a lot. We decided to go to the natural food store and we got a peles dragon smoothie, a lilikoi ice cream, and some other things. Sissy wanted to stop at David’s home for a bit. I journaled while they talked and got caught up finally but we had to leave for 4H and he had to go get Sophie.

We got me ready for 4 H this would be my last class. We thought I was late but we were like 30minutes early. I and sissy told auntie Wendy this was my last class and almost made me cry. Then she left. I hung out with Hailey, Audrey, and auntie Wendy. Audrey was super cute and said “I’m sorry I never got your name” which was cute. We practiced roping the dummy and Audrey, Hailey, and auntie Wendy helped me. Soon some other girls came and we heard auntie shay coming. We all decided to hide and pop out at her. When someone came to the shed we popped out put it was only the tall girl not auntie shay. When we were getting out of the shed auntie shay asked if I was here for 4 h and if I had signed up yet I told her “I don’t know” and continued on. When all of a sudden she called me over and said “why are you leaving?” I told her “because our care taking position is up and we have to go to our brothers funeral” she gave me a hug and said how sorry she was. I thanked her and she told me to go saddle up Mauka blue. She told 2 of the other girls to come help me right away the girls started asking questions and for the first time I felt I really needed to cry about Dorian. One of the girls wanted to take a picture so we took one behind Mauka. I learned more on how to get the horses ready and auntie shay showed me how to put on the head piece. Then they had me get a helmet and go to the arena. I rode Mauka and was doing very well when Audrey came in with boots she only was moving boots because Mauka was moving and boots was following her. I knew this because auntie shay told me to do the 4H pledge with the girls and when I stoped boots stoped and Audrey couldnt get boots to move. I did the pledge even though I didn’t know it and kept working. Audrey started to get mad and wanted to change horses so I rode boots. Boots was harder for me and I wanted to change to Mauka but when I did I wanted boots back. We traded and I had problems with boots, boots wanted to go to the gate but when I would turn boots she would just got straight to the gate finally Auntie Wendy started running Mauka and made boots run. This was funny because I asked auntie Wendy about trotting but told her I didn’t think auntie shay wanted me to because I may not have been ready, (but in my head I really wanted to). Soon we brought up the horses and started taking pictures. Sissy came soon and we took pictures on her phone. We gave auntie shay her present and she said she loved it.

Also everyone really was impressed with my horrid, quite ugly horse drawing. Everyone gave me a hug and said “until we meet again” rather than goodbye. Hailey started to cry and said “I’m not crying” and auntie shay had watered eyes. I was holding back tears myself and knew I must be strong. Before we left auntie shay told sissy she knew someone and maybe we could caretake some horses something she had told me about in the beginning of class. We were about to leave but we came back and gave auntie shay my new shoes that dont fit. Ema said “even sooner than we thought” referring to her saying well be back. We left after taking one more picture in front of the 4H and kohola ride wild club sign. Goodbye for now 4H.

We left and went home, I started my tic tok and took a shower. Terry got all weird and said to Ema “does Elowyn always take 2 to 3 showers a day?” and said I took 5 showers in the last two days which wasn’t true at all. We got ready and David took us to the beach where we ate, we saw these cool fish called stick fish or something else that I don’t remember. We left and got to the airport, where our second entry starts. 

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