Day 49 . Dresses and More Dresses

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ I needed to get the car to figure out what was going on with the car. I found the manual and found thankfully it was just a light for low tire pressure so needed to go down to the local tire shop and get them filled. Terry had us stop through to the local thrift store that is only open once in a while and today was the day. It was only during certain hours so we stopped through there. I tried on a bunch of dresses and Elle found a couple skirts and a cardigan. We also got some dresses for Elle to transform into outfits for our prairie girl times. We found a green glass serving plate and a couple shirts for our brothers. I was lucky to find some Hawaiian dresses that seemed tailored to me. Now I have what to wear come the day I am ready to play my ukulele for others.

The little lady that worked there did not seem to like us and tried to way over charge us. We asked them to hold our things and went and counseled with Terry on how she would go about this and then upon her suggestion went back and rang up each item individually and paid as we went. It worked and the price was much more reasonable at the end. We then went to get air in the tires and found out that it also needs some sort of updated registration, but they cannot do that until morning, so I made an appointment. Once home it was back to packing and getting all organized for our return to the mainland.

By Elle ~ Today I woke at 7:25. I couldn’t get up because I didn’t have pants and Ema wasn’t in the room. I just sat there for a while before I knew Ema was near and called for her.  She got me my pants and I got up. Once up I went potty as I always do and we started to decide what to eat for breakfast. I wanted a cookie thing but they are Terrys and I didn’t want to ask for one. I had mine and some smoothie pudding which was super yummy. After breakfast and dishes Ema and I started to pack. We got most of our things together but we needed to do my ear drops so while I did that I worked on you. After those I kept working and almost finished a whole entry but we had to leave. Once again I was being rushed out the door. When we got in the car my hair wasn’t even brushed so I had to do it in the car. We went to the thrift store and found some really cool treasures. Sissy tried on many different dresses but it was hot in the dressing room aka bathroom. I saw the girl from kohola ride wild group. When we went to pay for everything it was like $20 more that it was suppose to be the woman behind the counter makes up prices at the end acording to her worker. We decided to go and ask terry what we should do so we stoped got a lilikoi frosty and then headed to terry. We asked her what we should do and she said to individually pick up everything and price it according to tags. We left. Soon we got there and tried everything on 2 more times before buying what we wanted. We did each thing individually by asking her how much and paying. We added some items but managed to still get under what she wanted originally. Then we went to take terry’s car to the shop because it had a weird light and had to schedule an appointment for tomorrow morning making it safe or something. When we got back we showed terry what we got and made dinner. For dinner we had rice noodles, juice, mermaid salad, and lilikoi cucumbers. After dinner there were lots of crickets again everywhere and ovcorse in our room. Good night.

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