Day 48 . Mermaids at Two Step Beach

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A daily reflection by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ Terry, the landowner, had granted us with the car and a beach day. I was hoping we would get to the beach again before it was time to fly, so I was very excited and got Elle going. We are going to one of the beaches that the dolphins often visit and will hope we are blessed to see them. For breakfast I made another smoothie, with lilikoi, banana, and coconut cream. It basically became an ice cream. I topped it with starfruit. It was so yummy. I love living in a place with all this fresh fruit.

Terry sent us on a mission to get a few things for her on the way to the beach. She sent us to her favorite restaurant, The Bodhi Tree, and we got our food to go to eat at the beach. We were picking up some t-shirts for her and she offered us each to choose one as well. I don’t really wear t-shirts, so I got the cookbook instead upon her approval. I also choose a sticker. Which one would you pick? I got the middle one.

We stopped through to The Food Land grocery store right next to the restaurant and got some goats cheese and pumpkins for Elle to paint. I love finding all the different types of goats cheese while I wander. I was vegan for years, but after living in France I grew to appreciate the art of cheese.

On the way down though Kona I took the lower route instead of the upper which is the usual route to our destination, but it was a treat, as I found a market I had forgot about that we stopped through. If I had the funding I found the perfect blanket for my dear friend Jenny in England that is about to have a baby. Also the necklace I feel I have been looking for this entire time here, but alas it was not meant to be right now.

We stopped at a beach I had been looking for known as Turtle beach. It was sad that a place that was once filled with turtles bigger than me, had none. The damage to the reef from the once very popular beach has left their habitat destroyed and the turtles a rare site now. We stepped in the waters for a moment and saw some colorful fish, but decided to keep moving onto the beach to meet my friend. When we got to the beach we ate and found my old friend David that I shared land with long ago. I seem to always get down to this area only once a visit these past few times, but I am grateful to at least find him once each time. The dolphins usually come to this beach, but with the arrival of the whales they are out to sea greeting them and not coming into the bays right now. Elle was really excited to get into the tide pools where the fish nibble on you, but they did not nibble on her. She was very disappointed. I told her it is probably because she is too young and does not have dead skin for them to eat. Something to be thankful for, as the day will come. I was looking forward to getting into the deep waters of Two Step, but Elle seemed to be having one issue after another needing me for everything. I tried to check in with her and see what was bothering her. She seemed really not centered, but by having her stop and ask herself what was going on inside she seemed a little better. She went to the tide pools and mediated a moment. I appreciate she sits and takes time to reflect. It is an important tool in life. We headed over to the edge to a place where the lava is like steps into the ocean, and why this place is called Two Step. Being on the edge of a reef like this I had to watch over Elle closely, but she had no fear and was right into the waters. We were finally both in the waters and I saw that she was floating off into the rocks, I could not get her attention and the waves were taking her closer to the edge. I had to call out to her and bring her back into this world which upset her for a moment, but I explained she was in a danger zone and we needed to go out deeper. We swam out and began diving down in our mermaid tails. It was so magical to swim through schools of fish. The water was so clear. My goggles have broke, so I was swimming without perfect clarity, but it was a dreamy paradise for this mermaid with all the colors and life beneath the waves. I love flowing through the blue. I felt like we had just got into the waters, but Elle was out again and concerned about our bags, so we made our way out of the water. All was well. We met a sweet little girl and her parents. Elle shared a tail with her for a few pictures. She was simply enchanted with Elle. It was so sweet. Elle wanted to go back to the deep waters, but the light was beginning to fade so we made our way back to the tide pools and ate our mango. Elle shared with the fish too. We watched the sunset from the pools and then prepared for the journey north again.

We passed a really cool old theater on the way back. I stopped for a quick photo.

A light came on in the car on the drive back to the land. I stopped for a moment in case it was that the car was hot and looked around the car, but we were not too far from home and it was late so we continued on. I was hoping the light would stay off when the car came back on, but it came on again. I guess my first stop in the morning is to have the car checked. I really hope it is nothing serious. I sat under the coconut trees tonight and watched a meteor shower. It was quite impressive, so many, so large they felt so close like I could catch one. A show of stars dancing in the night sky. What a gift to experience.

By Elle ~ Today I started my day around 7:00 as I have been lately. I got up and made my bed Ema had me get ready fast because she wanted to go to the beach. I got ready as fast as I could and packed up my things. We started to look for Terry so we could let her know we would be leaving. We couldn’t find her so we left to do a few chores then we went back. We went back and told Terry we would be headed to the beach and we left. We went to a restaurant and got some tee shirts that Terry wanted us to get.

We also got some food but we didn’t eat it until we got to the beach hours later. Then we went in food land and got some food we got cheese. I asked if we could get a pumpkin to carve but there so tiny we have to paint them. We got three, one for all of us. We continued to drive. We got to a spot and Ema went the wrong way but this was okay because now we could go the pretty route. We found a farmers market that Ema had forgot about, so we stoped there. I wanted to get to the beach but Ema told me I needed to enjoy the moment so we looked around and got a few things. When Ema was done paying I showed her something we needed  for my costume but the problem was you could only use the card for $10 purchase or more and the head piece was $5. Ema and I walked around and I asked “is there any way to get a refund and then rebuy?” We went and asked but they said they couldn’t however the woman just let us buy through the card anyways. We looked a bit more before heading on. We found the turtle beach Ema had been looking for since we got to the island and we stoped for a moment. We didn’t see any turtles but we saw some cool yellow fish and some striped ones.

We didn’t stay long before going to 2 step. When we got there we found parking and a spot to put our things. Ema talked with David for a while and I ate some of my food and went to the tide pools. I really wanted the fish to nibble on me but they wouldn’t so I asked if there was a pool with more fish. When I went in that one I floated and just meditated. Soon Ema was done and I really wanted to swim so I got ready and we all got in the water I was amazed the yellow fish called yellow tang were everywhere sissy thought I was scared to get in but I wasn’t. When I got in my eyes hurt so I asked about goggles David went to look for mine but couldn’t find them. I was sad but I got in a woman came in and let me borrow hers I saw some really cool things. I saw a big black spiked thing sissy told me it was a sea urchin. The goggles were to big so I gave them back and we swam for a bit when water got in my nose and I couldn’t breathe so I went up for a minute. I talked to this girl for a little before going to trade out my tail. At one point I was in my own world and almost floated into the edge of the rocks. I realized our beach bags were gone so I told Ema they were gone she told me not to worry they were in David’s car. I asked which one but I was worried I would put my things in the wrong car so I asked them to show me. We put our things in the car and got out our new tails when Ema asked me why I was acting weirdly and needed constant attention. I wasn’t sure why so I thought about it for a bit. I ate some more when a man and his little girl came up to us. We had talked to the dad but we hadn’t met the little one. I’m pretty sure her name is Moana. The little one had really pretty blue eyes and loved mermaids. Ema told me to put on my tail while she grabbed the cards so I put it on and right when I did the little girl was so happy and said “look!” It was really sweet. We let her try on my tail and we gave her our cards. She only wanted to hold mine though which I thought was cute. When they got her dressed we took more pictures with her I already took some with her but we did all 3 of us Ema, her , and I. Soon they left so Ema, David, and I went to the big tide pool to be eaten by the fish. They nibbled on David but they wouldn’t eat me. We started to eat our mango. I tried hand feeding the fish but when I let go they all went for it so I think they were afraid of my hand. I played awhile more before it got dark and started to lightning. I saw a sign about the poor sea life it was sad. Soon we said goodbye and got in the car. There was a light that came on so we checked if the car was hot which it wasn’t and continued on. When we made it home we put away our things. We soon noticed the crickets were everywhere. There were so many even in our room. After my ear drops I went to sleep. 

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