Day 47 . A Bodhi Tree Named Elowyn

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A daily reflection by Ema and Elle

By Ema ~ First stop this morning was to get to the transfer station so that the car was empty for Terry. I cleaned it out the other day, but just needed to get all the cardboard and recycling out of the back end. That was the one step that did not get complete from yesterday. So I was up bright and early to do so. Elle was not ready to leave, so she came along in her pajamas. I was sad to see signs posted upon our arrival that they are no longer recycling anything except card board. I have been hearing rumors of issues with the recycling system in America for awhile now and threats of it stopping and to see the reality makes me worry for our planet. We already have so many plastic issues. What will happen if we are not at least trying to reuse it or manage it. It is already taking over our oceans as is. I cant imagine what this will do to our earth, just filling it even more with plastic and things we could be recycling. If we cant ship it out to other countries to deal with, which is fair enough, but why are we not set up with our our facilities in America? Seems its the time to look at such. This is definitely not good for an island especially. I spoke with a man who works there and he said it is final, there is no sight of recycling starting again as far as they can see. I am really sad about this. It is not good for our future.

We waited in town for awhile to meet my goddaughters father and gather my painting that has been here on the island for the last ten years. I left it behind when I parted from living here and have not seen it in many years. It is finally the time to bring it back to the mainland. He ended up delayed and since Elle was only in her pj’s and we needed to eat, we went back to the land for awhile.

I made a smoothie for us and some eggs for Elle, plus a fruit bowl. Terry also shared an oatmeal cookie with us each, but I only had a nibble of mine for now. I love oatmeal in general, but grains have not been so great for my belly lately.

We finally headed back into town to get my painting. It almost felt like being reunited with an old friend. Now to figure out how to get it back to the mainland.

We met a nice lady that shared office space with Jonathan and I took a picture of a little shell rack she had on her desk. It is a great idea for any future art fairs we do.

Once back to the land I helped Terry garden a bit in between working on our packing. Elle and Terry transplanted a baby bodhi tree and named it after her in hopes someday she will come back to the land and see it grown. It was very sweet to see them working together in the garden. I think children belong in gardens. It is so important to teach them to grow things.

For dinner Terry treated us to the local sushi place. It really was quite a treat. We got both fish and vegetarian options and shared. It was a first for Elle. I love how she is so open to trying new foods. She attempted to use her chopsticks too, but ultimately ended up using a fork. It was a fun moment and the food was so unique and yummy. Thank you Terry for the evening out, and the new experience for Elle.

By Elle ~ This morning I woke up quite early. I had to go to the bathroom when it was still dark. I got up and went in the dark after that Ema got up too and I had to get up again because I realized I was so tired I forgot to wash my hands. After that we went to bed and I didn’t wake until 7:00. I don’t remember exactly how but I remember Ema woke me when she was doing something. I got up and Terry said hello to me. I went and sat on the porch brushing sunny when Terry came and asked  me “would you like to play this?” She had leap frog in her hand its a very pretty board with cute little frogs but its not plastic its like rock or cement. She showed me how to play and I did one round before sissy told me we needed to go to the transfer station. I didn’t feel like going this early and I didn’t want to change so I asked Terry were to put the leap frog and went in my pjs. We went and found they stoped recycling. Sissy was upset and had a whole talk with this man for awhile and then we finally left. We went to the banyan tree and waited for Jonathan to bring Ema’s painting but he took longer than expected so we went home to eat and get dressed and we would meet him. We got home and gave me my ear drops while sissy made breakfast. For breakfast I had  boiled eggs, some yummy cookie type thing Terry got, a smoothie, and a small fruit bowl. It was really yummy and delicious. I showed Terry my boda and she showed me hers but I think she forgot to give it back because its just sitting in her room temporarily kidnapped. We did our dishes and Ema told me to get ready for the day. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, hair, etc. before we got in the car and went to Johnathans office. Ema and Johnathan had a really long talk, I went and looked in a few stores before sitting on stairs for awhile talking to Amelia and watching tic tok. When we finally left Johnathan gave me a golden joker card, I thought he was just showing it to me at first but he was giving it to me so that was kind of awkward. We went to the natural food store and got some things including a new ice cream they have called orange creamsicle. They had 2 new kinds, pumpkin chip and orange creamsicle. Then we went to the post office and home, when we got home we had lunch and Ema had me journal. I finished journaling so I went out to everyone and I showed Terry my bodhi tree seed and she showed me a baby one she found. We decided to relocate the tree so we got the soil ready and I tried moving the plant we also found another one while doing this. When moving the plant I broke all of the roots but one, whops. We planted, watered it, and put it in the bathroom for tonight but tomorrow we will change it back outside, we just did that tonight to protect it from night creatures.

After planting we got ready for dinner and went out to eat. I had sushi for the first time it wasn’t very good so I stuck with the vegetarian options. We ate and got some desert of purple potato cheese cake and some ice cream. When we were done we payed and headed home.

When we got home sunny led all three of us to the door were there was a giant toad but this one was still small. We fed sunny and Terry watered. Now Sissy is making me journal but I’m tired at 8:54pm so I’ll wait till 9:00 so I can do my ear drops before going to sleep. 

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