Day 45 . An Extra Day

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ An alarm went off today which I was not ready for and woke quite grumpy. I did not get enough sleep, as I had not felt well through the night, but got up as we were expecting the owner to return today. It turns out we were a day off, so we had an extra day. We prepared to go to the farmers market to get flowers for the home. They will be the final touch to having the home all ready for Terry. We made breakfast. I used a coconut cream that turned my smoothie into a sort of pudding. With the lilikoi blended in and topped with mango it was quite delightful.

Our first stop of the day was to get to the market for flowers. We wandered a bit and found a beautiful garnet ring for Elle. It fit her perfectly and the price was so reasonable I decided she should have it. I think she was surprised as she was just showing me, but it felt like it was meant to be hers, and so it was. Since we had gained a day, I continued to tend to our things once we got home, and took some time to just sit on the porch and catch up on processing some photos. Another one of the wasps with a spider appeared at my feet. Thankfully he changed directions and went back down the steps and under the house like the others we have seen. Amazing to watch that little creature haul a huge spider up stairs and over rocks.

Elle got some more horse shoes at 4-H and is going to make a few more art pieces, including one she plans to make in honor of our brother. She spent some time preparing them, but will probably have to wait to paint them until after we return to the mainland. Thanks to the other caretaker Glyn for letting us borrow your tools. We will bring them back to you in the next couple days!

We had a bit of wind last night, so we cleaned up some fallen fruit and gave the gardens our last bit of love. We hope everything will be wonderful for Terry’s return and she will see all the love we have put into the home and land. It had been such a pleasure to be here again to care for all while she travels. It has been such a blessing to share this time with my little sister too. We had another beautiful Hawaiian sunset tonight, and soaked in the giant copper tub one last time. I am so grateful to be able to look out and see the ocean from the place we dwell a moment.

By Elle ~ Today we woke to an alarm. Sissy was not very happy because she was sick and didn’t get much sleep. When I got up I went and started to water. I did all the things I would have to  spray the leafs with the water before the sun came out. After that I started some of the other plants but I went back because my belly was growling. Ema made me boiled eggs, bread with lilikoi butter, and she made a smoothie that turned into coconut pudding I had that too. After breakfast I went back to watering before we went to the the farmers market. At the farmers market we got lemonade, romutons, a ring, flowers, and tamales. At the market we looked around and got a few items. We started to look at flowers after flowers we got a few other things and when we were leaving we decided to look at this stand with a bunch of crystals. I found a ring which was red and reminded me of my moon so I told sissy “this would be good for my kindila” when she bought it for me. When we got home we looked for the chicken tamale because the woman gave us an extra but we couldn’t find it. After we ate we got to doing dishes. When we were done sissy told me we thought wrong and terry wasn’t coming until tomorrow then we went to deal with the citrus fruit that fell due to wind. When we were doing that I found a moth that was clearly hurt it could barley fly. When I saw what was happening it was really sad, an ant was trying to drag the moth. I took off the ant and got back to work. We were working before Ema asked me to water some of her plants I was getting out the hose when I put my hand in my mouth so I ran to brush my teeth because I touched fruit that was on the ground and there’s snails and slugs with the lung rat disease after that I dried dishes and continued watering. Soon Glyn came and talked for a while after giving us packages. When I finished I went in and Glyn told me “horses are everywhere and most of those people owning them want someone to muck stalls, exercise, brush, care take, etc. then she said instead of getting a job at a restaurant or something when you’re old enough find one of those jobs.”  I became very excited and decided that’s what I would do when I was old enough. After Glyn left we cleaned watered the lawn, and worked on horse shoes before sissy made dinner for me. For dinner I had pesto noodles and cucumbers with lilikoi salad dressing. When we were done cleaning until tomorrow we hung out and saw the biggest centipede I’ve ever seen in the 12 years 3months and 6 days Ive been on this planet. It didnt bother us and just crawled away so I wasn’t to worried. Then we took our last bath for this trip before going to bed.

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