Day 44 . Kohala 4-H Club

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ I started my morning with a smoothie and got back to tending the home. Terry returns tomorrow and we are getting all the finishing touches on the home. Elle had 4-H today and while she was there I came back to the home as I still have so much to do. I have begun preparing all of our things as well for travel. It is amazing how everything seems to have expanded. We have got a few packages while here also, so I will need to send some things it seems and stopped at the post office for boxes. I got to see Elle in action working with the horses when I picked her up. She is truly in her element while there. So confident, and a natural with the horses.

I decided to just get pizza tonight, as they know us now and made a goat cheese pesto pizza for us. I figured it was the easiest route so that I did not need to make a mess in the kitchen. It was a beautiful sunset tonight. I can barely believe our time here is drawing to a near. I miss it already.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up really early. My ear hurt really bad. I sat there before I knew I had to get up to pee. When I got up I walked to the door in the dark. I saw stars outside before going inside the bathroom. Just then I heard our door open and sissy came in because she had to pee too. After we went, we went back to the room and were going to lay down but I told her about my ear so I took my medicine. After that while sissy drifted into a sleep I was wide awake because my ear hurt so bad. At one point ema turned on the night light because a misqitoe was buzzing in her ear. Finally sometime after that when the sun was just starting to rise I fell into a deep sleep and didn’t wake until almost 9:00. When I woke I sat for a while before going to the kitchen. I had yogurt, granola, dragon fruit, and a cookie. After breakfast Ema had me do yesterdays journal as I feel asleep doing my treatment with a cotton ball still in my ear. Once I finished journaling sissy told me I should make a thank you gift for auntie shay. So I got to work and started drawing a horse. I tried lots of different videos but when I tried them they looked hideous. When I finally found one that I could somewhat do I kept going.  When I was working Ema came in and said “your making progress at first I thought it was a bird.” When I finished my drawing I started writing a note and made a card. Soon it was time to get ready and sissy pointed out I still had one more class after this. We both got ready and in no time I was opening the gate waiting for sissy to come when she called and said “I cant find the keys.” at this moment I saw a blonde roach on my water bottle so I said “hey get off, I’m on my way.” When I got up there she found the keys so we got in the car and left. When we got there everyone was messing around and the little ones were signing in.

Audrey came up to and said “Hi today, do you want a cookie or brownie?” I said “no thank you” because of my ear. We got there and Auntie Shay talked about roping for a while before changing to what our favorite horse was. I told her mine was “Mauka” she said “I should have brought her she would have fit right in”went to the arena.

Sissy was gone by now right as auntie Shay said “auntie Wendy and Audrey  brought cookies from Kona” I wanted to run to Ema and ask if I could have a cookie as she was right there but auntie Shay was talking so I just didn’t have one. Auntie shay told all of us to go to the arena and this boy about 7 I think caught a gecko. This freaked out a lot of the girls because there afraid of them for some reason. Soon they started the little kids with riding when all of a sudden a little girl started screaming and crying. She fell of the horse and face planted into the dirt. Auntie shay comforted her before everyone got back to work. Soon auntie shay asked me to grab something I don’t remember what it’s called and I didn’t know what it was so I said “what is that?” And she gave me this look  put her hand to her heart and did in inward sigh before she told me what it was. I came back with it and I gave it to a boy who gave it to her. Then I sat there waiting we were sitting until I could  ride, soon Auntie shay had me ride Princess who looks a lot like Mauka. At first auntie shay had a woman walk me while she ran to get a different head thing. When she came back and put on the head piece I had a lot of problems and struggled with princess, Auntie shay gave me lots of instruction but even with that I had problems with princess. Eventually she had me get off so some other kids could ride. On the way to her she took a picture of me riding back which I thought was pretty cool. While I waited they were having Audrey practice trotting and jumping off to get a dummy (a dummy is a fake cow) when Audrey came down she kicked to hard making misty run freaking out Audrey, Audrey started screaming at the top of her lungs “grandma!” Over and over. Auntie Shay came to Audrey and took her to the practice ring and had her practice there. When another boy fell off his horse but magically he fell on his feet.  Another girl got her foot stepped on. I asked someone if I could ride kapania the horse Ema thought was Mauka. When I rode Kapania (bear back which Shay said was the best way to learn) it went very well I practiced low hands, feet like I was the opposite of a ballet point, giving the horse its head, and holding it like ice cream cones or a thumbs up. When riding one of the girls came to me and introduced themselves which I thought was funny. I rode until Auntie shay wanted Audrey to try him. The boy still had his gecko on his head so I got it for him and then it out of his reach. Soon sissy came and I asked if I could have a cookie. She said “yes for the experience” I had one of those and a brownie.

After that someone gave one of the 4H girls princess. She was complaining so I took him. One of the kids parents showed me how to take off the head piece and I tied the rope to the tree before helping Auntie shay take care of saddles and helped Kalani put away some things too.

Auntie Shay asked  “did you learn anything today?” I told her all the things I learned and she told me to “sit with my toes pointed so when I get on a horse its just natural” when we left we ordered pizza went back watered and picked up our food. After we ate I did my journal and fell asleep. 

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