Day 43 . A Tour of the Hawi Hospital

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A daily reflection by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ Elle woke up today to her ear really hurting, and with us flying in a week I decided we needed to have it looked at. She does not like going to the doctor, and I agree if it is something we can treat we do, but flying and sore ears don’t mix, so I researched the clinic, which is just down the road, and we got her fed and dressed and off we were to find a doctor. It was not well marked, but I knew it was right near the hospital, so we asked a women outside and she pointed to the building I thought I might be as we drove in. We headed back that way, but they were not able to see us. Strangely they said the doctor they had in today could not see children and we would either need to drive over the mountain to Waimea or go to the hospital. When the lady gave us directions she told us to come back if we they could not see us, so we decided to start there. They too thought it was odd that the doctor there would not see a child with a sore ear. They got us right in, no wait just straight back to the room. I called my mom while we waited in the room and did paperwork. The wait was awhile for the doctor, but not because he was busy at like at most hospitals, but because they just call him in when he is needed. We were their first patients today and they were all very friendly and happy to have something to do. The doctor was very kind and caring, and cheerful looking in his Hawaiian shirt. He spent quite awhile pondering and looking at Elle’s ear trying to decide the best route, as she has had tubes and some ear drops can be dangerous due to a whole in the ear that is left after the tubes. He had looked into her ear using several methods, but did not have the instrument to fully confirm so he sent us home with some drops he decided were safe, but they did not relieve pain like the one he would have used if he were certain she did not have a hole. He suggested just an over the counter pain reliever if she needs. The ear looks a little red, but nothing serious thankfully. May have just got irritated from our beach day recently. We shall hope for a happy ear by the time we fly. As soon as we got back it was time for me to dive into cleaning again. Elle helped collect fruit and water while I finished floors and such. Once I got all the chores done for the night I made us dinner and we were off to bed.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up to a very painful ear. It hurt to move my head. I got up and told Ema. We started talking and my ear started to shoot pain. Ema said “we should go to the doctor today if it’s that bad”. We went in the kitchen and started making me breakfast, I had boiled eggs. It hurt to eat because of the chewing part. After breakfast I did my dishes and layed down because my arm hurt from sleeping on it wrong and my ear really hurt. Ema told me to get dressed so we could go so I put on a dress and grabbed my things so we could leave. When we got there we asked the hospital were the clinic was, they told us the first building and if we couldn’t find them we could just come back. So we went to the clinic but they told us “the doctor they had there today wouldn’t see kids and to go to wiemeia . We went back to the hospital which was tiny and clicked the button. Right away a nurse came in and took us to a room were we filled out papers. The nurse came in and did simple things like my blood pressure, weight, etc. We were waiting a while for the doctor and it turns out he doesn’t stay at work all day he was on call and just comes in when needed. We took pictures and tic tok while we waited. When he came he asked some questions and asked about my pain level. He checked my heart beat and finally did my ears. It really hurt and at one point he was doing something it hurt so bad I moved. He told us there was a drop he wanted to use but didn’t know if he should because I’ve had tubes and if I still had a little hole it would make long term damage to my ear. They ended up just sending us home with drops safe if I had a hole. When we were leaving the nurse was talking about how white chocolate doesn’t exist. On the way home we got my medicine and sissy got a lilikoi frosty. When we got home sissy made me a grilled cheese and had me have my medicine. After this we got to work, I picked up fallen fruit and watered. Soon it was dark and ema finished the floor so we had fish, salad, and rumbutans  which was really yummy. After dinner sissy did my ear drops and I fell asleep with them in my ear. 

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