Day 42 . Cleaning the Home

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A daily reflection by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ I don’t have much time to journal today, as there is so much to prepare in the home. I am starting at the top and dusting every spot downward to the floors, room by room. Elle is being such a big help. The geckos here are a constant challenge when it comes to keeping spaces clean. Seems like even before we get one room done and move to the next they are creating messes again. We will do a deep clean over the next couple days then a last wipe down and sweep before the owner arrives. I am completing most rooms with oil, all but Terry’s bedroom as she is getting a new bed and I cant really move this one on my own to oil under it, so I will just get all clean and of course we plan to get flowers from the market before she arrives.

By Elle ~ Today I woke around 9:30 and looked at my phone I had a message from mom and 2 missed called from Meara. I texted meara and was on Snapchat before sissy came in and said my breakfast was ready. This was weird because usually I make my breakfast but it was nice and yummy. It was yogurt with lilikoi syrup, granola, and dragon fruit. I ate and took a shower, after my shower I got dressed and ready.

We took some pictures for terry and I got to work.

I started cleaning the ledges and walls of gecko poop. While I was cleaning there was a spider web which a spider on it so I had to get the jar and put it outside. While I was cleaning my ear started to hurt. I got water in it days ago but now it was hurting. At one point it got so bad I felt weak and just wanted to take a nap. I told Ema and she asked if I needed to go to a doctor, I told her I wasn’t sure Ive never experienced this. She was cleaning in terry’s room, I saw a tiny little gecko that was hard to catch but I got him and put him outside. She looked on google to see what she could do and she found a mix of vinegar and rubbing alcohol that was going to evaporate the water. We put it in my ear and I layed down on my side while it sat in my ear. My my ear was hearing these little popping noises kind of like candy pop rocks. I sat and let it soak before we turned me over to let it drain. I layed on the other side now to let my ear drain. Soon Ema told me I could sit up and it should help. After a while I felt it didn’t help so sissy had me have raw garlic on bread with creamy goats cheese and vitamin c water. It wasn’t very good at all and after that my belly hurt. I got back to work and when I finished started to sweep the floors. I swept the kitchen 3 times the second time I moved everything before sweeping. I met a baby gecko super tiny on a chair I was moving. I knew the big geckos in the kitchen are mean and would eat him so I needed to catch it. It was not easy. I had to try and get him from the chair eventually he ran to another chair but went under a dresser so I move the rug (I had to anyways) and then moved the the dresser. I found the gecko and a bunch of eggs that are like dirt, I only caught the gecko because it ran up my leg, so I cupped my hands on my leg. There was no way for me to grasp him from my leg with out hurting it so I kept my hand cupped and hopped outside. When I got on the porch I some how got the gecko cupped in my hands not on my hand and leg and from there I put him in a plant. Once I swept I hand moped the kitchen and from there Ema started to oil the floors. While she did that I started to water for both of us. I found a baby centipede and sprayed it with water, it wasn’t very happy. Soon Ema came and took over for her watering. We each watered until dark and then put away the hoses. We sat on the porch talking before Ema and I went in the kitchen to make dinner. While she cooked I took care of everything which took up how long it took to cook. After dinner I did post cards and then journaled. 

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