Day 41 . Early Morning

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A daily reflection by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ I was up early today. It was well before sunrise to prepare all for our journey to the Kona airport. I have set up the back of the car for Elle to be warm and cozy and have breakfast. I also brought her homeschooling stuff so she can write or read since in the dark there will not be much to see. We got everyone loaded up and headed down the mountain. We had a quick farewell as it goes with airport drop offs and decided to go to a market near by for some supplies we cannot get at the the small shops up north where we live. By the time we got back to the land I was exhausted so I took a nap before getting back to preparing the home for the return of the land owner. I want to have the home shine for her return and am on a mission to clean every corner and even oil floors. I did the floors last time I was here and after the few months away, they definitely need it again. It made Terry very pleased last time, so I will hope to make her return just as wonderful once again. Sunny is watching over all the activity and awaiting the return of her mama!

By Elle ~ Today I woke to an alarm. It was quite early and I was tired so while Ema got up I went back to sleep. Soon I woke to a flashlight blinding me, Ema was getting things with her headlamp and she was blinding me so I got up. I got dressed, brushed my teeth, flossed, did my hair in a cute ponytail with a bandana as a head band. At one point ema asked “were did you get the headband” I thought that was pretty funny.  We put Seda’s things in the car and headed to Kona. We finally left the house around 6:04 am.  I had breakfast in the car which was really yummy and then I journaled before we finally made it to the airport. We unpacked Seda’s things and said our good byes. We decided to go to the grocery store so we got in the car and gps our way there. We got lots and lots of cheeses plus a few extra things too. When we got home sissy told me to put away my things and journal. I put my things away and got Kurt, eki, and uch to sit with me. I started journaling and did that before sissy came and told me “I’m going to take a nap my body needs it Ive been up since 4:00 am, do some school work okay?” I agreed and did my journal getting caught up all the way and then starting my picture to go with my essay. I did this until around 1:00 pm before sissy got up and started to make lunch. I had soup and bread which was really yummy and I have no clue what Ema ate. I called mom and talked with her before having a talk about school. When we hung up I started to clean gecko poop while sissy dealt with dead bodies of geckos. We cleaned around and made the house look better while talking. Soon the sun was leaving and headed toward the other side of the earth so I watered all the plants before coming in for dinner writing a birthday card and going to sleep.

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