Day 40 ~ Feasting and Beaches

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ I started my day tending to the garden, as we got home late last night and I wanted to make sure they had some love and water before the sun got warm. We were considering going to Volcano National Park, where I have really been wanting to take a Elle, and Seda was interested in going too, but we seemed to be in an at home mode. Seda flies away to New Zealand tomorrow so she has much to prepare. We made a feast for breakfast of all sorts of goodies set out on the bar, and a fruit salad made from the land and some fruits Seda brought. We got to try some Turkish and German treats and teas she had with her also from her travels. I love eating like this, it reminds me of living in Europe. Breakfasts were more of a spread of foods than a meal there. While we prepared breakfast Elle was tending to her plants and found some gecko eggs. She was concerned for them and found them a safe place in her baby plants.

I began tending to the home as I have much to do before the return of the land owner in a few days, while Seda worked on preparing her bags for her adventure, and Elle caught up on her journal. Seda had asked me to keep her one big bag as she was only going to New Zealand for a couple weeks and then would be back, but Elle and I leave the island before her return, so we are on a mission to find somewhere we can store it. We went into town and checked in with the co-op as they are community based and seem to have a bit of space, but thankfully my goddaughters family got back to me and are able to hold it once I go. With this resolved we got ready and went for a last Hawaiian sunset at the beach together. It was a sweet moment eating fruits and singing. We will have to rise early to get Seda to the airport, so we savored the last light and danced as night arrived.

When we got back to the land my belly was hurting a bit, so I had a bath and then joined my dear Seda out on the porch. We dreamed together under the stars about our paths and had a deep conversation about just life in general. It was good to open up with someone after my spell of quiet. Elle took a soak and then was off to bed. Seda told me I was a great mother. I know I am not my sisters mother and am not trying to replace that role at all, but it meant so much to hear from others they see how well Elle and I work together. I am giving her my all. I do not seem to be meant to have my own children in this life, but I am blessed to give my all to my siblings when I am needed. I want them to have the best chance at their unique success in life. To be all they dream, as we each deserve. I will miss my friend, but feel she arrived right when I needed her, even if it was a brief crossing this time. We hope to find her again soon, maybe on the other side of the Atlantic. She has been such a powerful inspiration to keep doing all I can for Elle and continuing to build this beautiful path and sojourn.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up early. When I got up Ema was watering the grass I put on my shoes and headed to the hose. I got out the hose and got to work. I did my usual plants that I do every time and did most of them before seeing a giant spider I ran to Ema and Seda who were in the kitchen I showed them and they started talking of how mom is terrified and would have just burnt down the house. I kept working before sissy asked me “are you done, breakfast is ready” I told her “I almost am I just need to finish by the house and the hill” she said “ do you want breakfast first?” I said “yes” and walked in the house. For breakfast we had fruit salad, muffins, juice, mango, dingle Berry’s ( malberrys), ginger covered in chocolate, grapes, and avocado that I can think of.

After breakfast I finished watering and hung out until lunch when sissy told me to journal. I journaled until lunch was done, for lunch we had noodles colorful ones that were very tasty. While we ate Seda got our opinions on outfits she had this flower one that I loved and I will need aunt Paula to make me it it had flowers that were like 3D because the fabric was sewed on separate making a flower on a shirt kind of like glueing on a flower and there was a cute shirt that was a flower and bee but the bee wings were like how the flowers were sticking out so I liked that too, Seda told me she would give me the dress when I was older.

We finished eating and I tried figs but we found Kurt the worm in one he came all the way from Germany we looked for more so now we have Kurt, eki, and uch we put them in a jar with their figs and ate some of the good ones. I journaled again before we headed to the art co op. At the co op we asked if they would have storage for Sedas bag and the woman that we first met there  told us there was a storage unit by her office but there are rats and its not clean so she offered us her office which seemed okay until she said she didn’t lock it so she said she could lock it and was going to bring it to us  to it so we waited a few minutes and we got a message from Johnathan saying he could keep the bags for us so we started to head home. We got our stuff together to go to the beach. We went to the beach and ate our mango, rode waves (even though the waves weren’t that good), I did flips and danced, I did a perfect arm stand and held it perfectly, we ate figs and other fruits, soon the sun was gone so we watched stars before leaving.

At  home I unpacked my bag and took care of mine and sissy’s clothes I went out of the room for something and when I came back the roach that’s been in our room for days and we have been trying to catch came out from under my bed. I needed to get to the jar so I could get him so I could catch him but he was in my way when I went by he ran to the door so I opened the door and he went the wrong way to the trash so I moved the trash so he would run out at this point he may have just stayed in or run out I’m not sure. I decided to take a shower and soak in a bath before going to bed. 

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