Day 39 . The Ocean is the Best Medicine

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ I was feeling rather quiet again today, but grateful for the success of the county fair yesterday and that I was able to begin to speak again with out crying. I am still very quiet, a bit without words, but the tears have stopped flowing for now it seems. I am hoping to help organize a memorial for my brother, and Elle wants to help too, for when we get back to the mainland. Many people have been contacting me about asking what will happen, and with our parents divorce happening there seems to be no real clarity on who will take the lead, so Elle and I will do what we can. My friend Seda, who is visiting from Germany, and was with us when we found out about Dorian, has been connecting in. She has convinced me I need to get to the waters and she is right, it is my best medicine, so to say. We are going to go and pick her up and get to the beach. We wandered a bit through Kona and saw the artist friend, Danielle, that Elle has made, as well an old friend of mine from when I lived here before. Funny because I just had a dream of him for the first time in a long time and there he was selling at the street fair. Life is interesting life that at times. We tried for our purple sweet potato and coconut pie one more time at the Kava Bar and to our delight they finally had some. Someday I need to learn to make this, but getting the purple sweet potatoes off island will be the trick.

Then we went to the market and looked for some gifts. I still cant seem to find the perfect necklace, but found lots of beautiful options. After that we went to find the necklace Elle has decided on.

We then made our way to a beach that Seda suggested called Kua Bay. It is always fun to be able to explore new places. I was also excited to get to wear my birthday leggings from Fin Fun.

Seda took some photos of Elle and I in our matching tails too. It is good to have friends when you have been feeling low to help remind you of the joy in life. I am grateful to return to the waters and flow in my tail. It is pure happiness for me.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and laid there for a while before getting out of bed. Sunny started yelling at me so I had to feed her. When I came back to the room Ema was up and out of bed. We went to the kitchen and I had a little bit of sticky rice before getting dressed and deciding to start laundry. I got the baskets one at a time. I started with the more full one when I grabbed the basket and got outside our door on the porch I noticed something crawling on me. I started to shake and dropped the laundry only to see it was a big black roach. The roach crawled around in the fallen clothes before going into a crack in the wall. I picked up the clothes and grabbed my bracelet that had fallen when I was shaking my arm. I put the clothes in the laundry room and went for the next basket. When opening the door to the room the roach fell from above, thankfully I was out of the way I tried to catch it but didn’t succeed. I took my shirt and used soap as a stain remover in hopes it would get out the stains. We put the laundry in the washer but didn’t start it because Ema told me “Seda was waiting for us and we needed to leave”.  I got ready and then sissy showed me a video mom had sent her it was an edit of some photos of Dorian someone had made. We got in the car but my hair was sticking to me so I needed to get the brush. I ran for the brush while sissy opened the gate for the car. I ran back before we finally left. We picked up Seda and packed her stuff in the car. Seda gave me a muffin and sissy told her our plan. Our plan was to go to the farmers market to get a few gifts, get my necklace, and maybe on the way back stop at a beach for awhile. We told Seda and then headed to the market. In the car Sissy and Seda talked for a while and I sat happily eating my muffin. When we made it to the market we looked around and found lots of treasures that would be cute but settled with only a few things.

We decided to come back later for a mango so for now we would go and get my necklace. We walked down the road and saw that there was a festival type thing going on there were lots of booths full of things people were selling kind of like the farmers market in hawi but it wasn’t a market. Seda sat down to book a ticket while Ema and I went for my necklace. When we went in the necklace I wanted was right there even though it was the only one like last time it was right there. I grabbed it and payed for it, but I realized Ema was looking for one. She told me “its not here the railing should be black” and she showed me the picture. I sat on the steps and put on my necklace when Ema told me she would be going to the next store I told her “okay” and sat there she turned the corner and then came back saying “come on”. We walked in the store but it wasn’t there so we started walking back to Seda I told Sissy “we cant leave Seda’’ thinking we were going to another store but she said “were not’’. We had an idea that it was in a store a little further away so Seda, Ema, and I all headed that way. When walking I was drinking and spilled water on me exactly when sissy said “Elowyn look” it was my artist lady Danielle. We talked with her for a few minutes before going back to the sidewalk to finish our task. We found sissys necklace but we found it looks like an ear when we went to Seda for her opinion I didn’t know I wasn’t suppose to tell her about the ear so we couldn’t get fresh perspective so sissy didint get it.

We left Kona and headed for a beach the beach we went to was really pretty and the waves were so big. We took pictures before I tried swimming in my tail however the waves were to crazy so I took it off.

I rode lots of waves one taking me so fast I was worried I was going to run into rock and one of the others grabbing me and twirling me inside so fast. Each so magic and cool although they hurt my nose. I collected lots of coral for our family one that I call my potato coral because it looks like a potato, we found some crabs and some people asked were the turtles would be because they were told they were here. Sissy said she might have seen one but she couldn’t tell. When the sun set we packed up and headed home. When we got home there was a bag that flew out of our tail so I was looking for it, when doing so I looked over and saw a toad and I looked on the other side and there was another now wait for the best part, can you guess nope there was a centipede going through the grass I looked but could not find the bag so I went back to the porch and then watered my baby plants. Soon it was dinner time we had cheese, raw fish (yuck), bread, grapes,olives, salad, and cooked fish it was a buffet. After dinner I took a shower, journaled and went to sleep. 

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