Day 38 . The Kohala County Fair

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ We got up early today to get ready for the fair. I was having a difficult time getting myself moving after a few days of tears and did a little dance on the porch to get my energy flowing. We were running a little late, but it was taking my all having to think about seeing people and having to talk when I was still feeling such sorrow over my brother, but I knew I had to do this for Elle and got some pictures of her and got us going.

I was grateful when we arrived that after I got Elle settled and Auntie Shay asked me to go back down to the horses for the carriage rides and just stay with them until it was time. It felt like the perfect job for me, as I would not have to sell tickets for pony rides or something where I would have to smile more than I really felt able. It was peaceful and quiet sitting with the horses.

Auntie Shay finally arrived with the carriage to get the horses and I helped as much as I knew how to and got them ready to pull the carriage for rides. I also got to ride back up to the county fair and that was a fun surprise.

I had not spoke much the past few days so coming up to the fair had me feeling a bit out of place, but I was happy to see Elle getting on so well, and my god daughter was there too working with the alpacas. I was grateful to see her a moment.

Her father was there driving the cloud train. It was good to see everyone, but I felt really quiet and had to force myself to speak it felt.

Elle got her chance to ride after leading the pony rides. She had been wishing to ride for days, so was in heaven. She learned so much today and I was so proud of her. Her teacher was so proud of her too. She has really dove into her passion for horses and proved herself today. I think from here forward she will know she can do whatever she puts her heart and mind to.

By Elle ~ Today I woke just before my alarm went off at 8:00am. When my alarm went off I got up and went to the kitchen. On my way to the kitchen Ema had me get Sunny’s food prepared, but when I came out sunny wasn’t around so I just put it in the fridge and went back in the kitchen. For breakfast Ema told me I needed to have a couple eggs for the protein but soon I looked at the clock and realized I needed to hurry, so I ate super fast and soaked my dishes so I could come back for them. I got dressed and called mom while I brushed my teeth and did my hair. Then I went back to the kitchen and did my dishes before checking the time again. We were late already but I was done and just waiting for Ema who said she was getting ready. However the next time I looked at her she was standing with her hands in the air I asked “now what are you doing?” And she told me she was moving her body to make it feel better. When we were finally in the car after her changing again, brushing her teeth, and taking pictures I realized I forgot deodorant when Ema said something about victor. She asked me if it would be okay or if I was to cool for that I told her “really” and got victor too.

Sissy said “we’re only 10 minutes late” I told her “we’re re an hour and 10 minutes late” she said “it depends on how you look at it”. The 4H kids were suppose to be there at 9:00 to help and we didn’t leave the house till 10:10 and the fair starts at 10:00.  When we got there we had to park by the carriage because parking was gone and we walked up to everyone. When we got there we said hi to shay and asked were she needed me, she told me to go ask auntie Licelle I think was her name so I went up and asked her and she told me to help with pony rides, the “more experienced” ones would do pony rides. This was the same auntie who told me last week “you can ride this one you’re more experienced”. Ema and I were figuring out our bottles when Shay asked me “ do you want to help with carriage rides?” I was going to when Shay told me to cover for Hailey and take Moca blue. I sat there waiting for kids and at first all the kids wanted misty but finally someone wanted to ride Moca. I brought up Moca and had the kid ride her while I leaded her around when I went once I asked how many times I needed to do it for and it was 2 laps so I went around twice before having the parent get their kid.

At first I was worried when leading that something would go wrong and the first few rides I wasn’t very confident but finally I got confident and Moca behaved and walked well. When I was waiting for a kid Moca stepped on my toe and put down her weight and just sat thinking it was a pile of hay or something so I said “Moca get off my toe” and pushed her, it hurt really badly but I just kept going. When there were no kids we would take the horses to water and tie them to the side.

I was sitting with some of the other 4H girls when Shay came up and said “if you’re not working you can go home she doesn’t need us” then she told me and 3 other girls to go clean up horse poop but they didn’t and only I did. eventually shay told me to grab a horse and lead kids again, so I put away the fork I was using and started leading kids again. We led until the grease pig race so when that came we tied them to the trailer and watched or did the grease pig contest. At first I didn’t want to but then I decided it would be fun and participated the first time I touched the pig but we had to redo it because someone that wasn’t participating grabbed the pig and the second time the girl that greased and opened the cage got the pig which is now going to be raised by 4H.

Then we did pony rides again and a girl showed me how to tie the horses lead before the branding took place. After the branding we did pony rides again everyone got a horse and I grabbed one that was taking a break so I had to go to the trailer and get a horse (itsy bitzy) before leading around some more kids. Soon we were waiting and we weren’t getting any kids the girl was showing me how to tie again but we both wanted to ride so the girl and I asked if we could ride for a while and we could, so we each got a helmet and I got on Moca and we both rode she thought me how to back up a horse before riding around and then letting Aubrey and Audrey ride the horses.

When we were done shay came up and told me how proud of me she was for working and pushed my cheeks together, then she asked if I was doing the git up dance, I asked her what it was and she showed me. At first I didn’t want to but decided I needed the experience and it was free so why not even if I didn’t know how to do it. We continued riding little ones for a while before putting away the horses and the girl showed me how to take off a saddle and I did one myself before we did one together.

I got a giant ice pop and sissy and I got fish and chips. Shay was going to take the horses back and sissy and I said goodbye before I rode a train. I sat with our stuff and then rode on the four wheeler but this little girl like 8 was being a brat and said “I want to just ride the two of us” talking about her and her friend, when I said “to bad” she cussed at me and was all bratty saying “stay away from me” during the ride I almost fell so I moved over and she glared at me and said “why did you move by me” I was glad for the ride to be over and for us to go home. We said goodbye and everyone thanked me for being “so helpful” we went home and I took a shower were I told sissy of a kids father asking me “are you bored of your job?” I said “no” because I was having lots of fun and all about Moca stepping on my toe plus my other crazy stories. When I was done I ate and journaled.

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