Day 37 . Preparing for the County Fair

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A daily reflection by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ I was still having a difficult time speaking without tears over my brother, but today was the day to prepare for the county fair. I got up to bathe, but for some reason the land crew arrived not planned and I was jumping out of the tub to find a towel and hid in the closet, as the walls are mostly windows. Thankfully Elle heard the man and came to bring me some clothes. I was kind of upset as the land crew has no schedule these days that they seem to follow, and living in a very open house can leave on quite exposed if you do not know there are people coming. The man who was working near the house did not seem to know the new schedule, so I will have to mention this to the land owner so she can confirm with them. Since we were unable to shower til after the land crew parted we worked on our horse shoes.

Once we were able to get ready for our day I ran Elle into town to help set up for the fair. Elle was worried we were late, but it turns out we were in time as the teacher was not yet there. Elle found the kids and stayed to help while I wandered to the shops to find some supplies to finish our horse shoes. They will be selling them at the fair to raise funds for 4-H.

We came back and finished our horse shoes and got Elle ready for her first County Fair. She is so excited to work with the horses tomorrow. I think the horse shoes turned out well. I was able to find some colored hemp and a brass key so we did the last horse shoe with the key as an accent and hung them all. One we made longer and added a hair clip with the idea it can hold hair pieces. The mermaid one turns and both sides are painted. They turned out so cute, it is almost difficult to part with them. Elle thinks we should just buy them ourselves. We shall see what sells and if any are meant to be ours.

By Elle ~ Today Gracie woke Ema and I up. She called and so I texted her to see what she wanted. She told me her family (her sister, not her family) had the flu and she was scared, I told her she just needed to take vitamin c and she’d be fine. This was when she said the germs would find their way of winning. We talked for a while before I heard some men, I went to warn sissy who was in the bath and I saw a guy right by our house with a weed waker. She told me “grab the hose” so I ran out to get it. An old man was about to mow the lawn so I rushed to get the hose. He helped me and rolled it while I pulled before I went to sissy. She was hiding in the closet with a towel wrapped around her and she asked me to get her a dress. I got her the most simple one and gave it to her so she could easily put it on and walk out dressed. We sat trying to figure out why the crew was here and I was a little mad because I was stinky but I couldn’t shower because of them and sissy was mad because she didn’t get her bath. During this time we went to water the baby papayas and under their pots were a lot of centipedes each having at least one. Then we decided to do the horseshoes for a while. While we were doing the horseshoes I was out of balance and very ahhhh, so when we finished I did meditation to help center myself before taking a shower. I knew I had to wear my jeans but I didn’t have any idea on what shirt to wear. When we finally decided on a shirt we started to clean up and go to four h almost an hour late. In the car my legs felt all weak and weird but finally we got there, but I had low motivation. When we got there I saw 3 kids I knew but no shay so sissy and I were just heading to the store real quick when the the kids came up and asked if we were here for 4 H, we said “yes” and with that Ema was heading to the store all alone. There was a pig in a cage and the kids were kicking his cage. More people came and shay showed up and had us fill a trough for a goat and 2 cows before she left to get a train. We hung around for a while and there was a poor gecko that was stepped on and was suffering but Audrey and I sat it in a nice spot before washing our hands. The sink was a pump one that you pump with your feet and it was fun but I ended up just going to the hose with soap on my hands. When washing I heard Audrey yell “grandma!” Apparently a calf had a string half down its throat. The rest of the time was just us cleaning out barrels, plus cake. When eating cake shay smeared frosting all over Haileys face and then a boy smeared cake all over shays. When the woman was passing out ice cream Ema called and was about to hang up and said “I love you” right as Haileys mom was giving me ice cream when I said “I love you” back to ema she thought for a moment I was talking to her and I got a look from a lot of people until they saw the phone by my ear. Shay asked everyone if they had a 4 H shirt and when she got to me she asked but I said “no” and she asked about a kohola ride wild club shirt I said “no” so she said “come with me” and after moving a horse thing she gave me a shirt and asked if I was coming to the fair tomorrow. Hailey was giving out goodie bags and had an extra so she gave it to me and another girls mother asked me “do you have a ride home?” I told her “yes my sisters coming” she told her daughter “they were waiting for my sister to come they didnt want to leave anyone behind”. Soon Ema came and we went home were we had dinner and I tried on a pair of pants for tomorrow.

When I went to take a shower I saw this brown hairy creature walking on the floor and when Ema  and  I looked at it it was a giant spider, the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in my life. So I took a bath, before sitting here about to go to sleep.

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