Day 36 . Farewell Dear Brother

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A daily reflection by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ Today was a difficult day. I was up before the sunrise thinking of my brother and how this could have happened. How could he be gone? It is sad because of the issues in our family I have not seen him in years and tried to see him on our trip west this summer, but were unable to reach him and now he is really gone. I have so many sweet memories of him as a little one and through the years. It is so strange to think I will never see him again. I can’t seem to speak without tears flowing. I just feel that as the eldest I am here to protect and encourage my siblings on their path, and although I think Dorian found much of what he was seeking, I am sad to know we will not be able to ever connect again. I decided we needed comfort food and Elle got dressed in her new outfit and we headed to the store for goodies and stuff to have the local pizza shop make us a goats cheese pizza. I am usually about eating healthy, but sometimes you just need comfort foods. Elle was thrilled as we got lots of foods I normally say we don’t need. I had to stop and get some packages from the other caretaker too and we got some supplies so Elle can begin to work on her county fair project for 4-H. Art is always a good thing to do when you are sad so that will be our project for tomorrow. Tonight when I came into our room to bring Elle some fig newtons, I found her asleep with the tablet. She took the cookies, but then just cuddled up with them, so I collected the cookies and tablet and tucked her in. I cant seem to sleep, too much on my mind. I will sit on the porch awhile and talk with the stars to send my love to my little brother as he passes through the veil to what is next in his grand journey.

By Elle ~ Today was a very sad day. I didn’t wake until 2:00 something due to lack of sleep last night. I got up and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. I had a fruit bowl filled with dragon fruit, pineapple, and peach plus 2 cookies. I sat around and ate while we called mom to see how things were going for her and the kids. Mom told us Dorian died from driving down their road to the ranch, when he had a seizure and got into an accident, he choked on his vomit which they think was the cause of his death but aren’t sure if it was that or the accident. When we hung up with her I did my dishes and talked to Ema for a while before she told me to brush my hair and get ready for the store. I put on an outfit and got all ready, when I was grabbing my outfit Ema grabbed me and hugged me real tight.

I know sissy’s having a hard time with this because she knew Dorian best. We got in the car and I felt very weird I was weak feeling and just didn’t feel right, I had felt this way all day but when I sat in the car it got bad. We went into town and Ema wanted to eat pizza so we went to Takatas to get ingredients that she could eat, when we were there sissy got sparkling apple juice and fig newtons, things she rarely buys. We went to the natural food store and were going to get pesto but decided not to because the pizza place had some. We ordered our pizza and they told us 45 minutes. We ran home to help Glyn with packages and then go back. We asked Glyn about sandpaper for my horse shoes she told us she was pretty sure Terry had a metal brush but when we checked we couldn’t find one so we followed her to her house were we got a metal brush and blue and brown spray paint. We thanked her and went to get our pizza which still had 2 minutes so we went and got a lilikoi frosty and went back. We got our pizza and went home to eat it were we spent the rest of the day. We started the horse shoes and I started to journal but fell asleep with it, Ema asked me if I was awake and gave me a plate of cookies which I just fell asleep with. good night.   

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