Day 34 . A Quiet Day of Cleansing and Prayers

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ We decided to have a quiet day around the land after our big journey to Kona yesterday. I made a breakfast with fruits of the land, some yogurt, and a few sprinkles of kashi cereal. I sat listening to the sounds of nature and enjoying the peace here while I waited for Elle to arise. Once she was up I got to work giving the home and land lots of love and doing some laundry while it was sunny out. That’s the life living on solar. I spoke to my mother again about some of her concerns and hope she will follow through on some of the ideas we came up with to get the help she needs. I found I was so exhausted through after our conversation, I suppose from worry for her, that I needed to take a rest and decided to do so while I waited on the laundry. Elle worked on her homeschooling while I rested. When I arose from my nap my cousin reminded me it was the day to honor our lost babies. Due to my health and unknown reasons, I have lost six babies. I decided to find a candle and light one to pray for those that have not stayed, offer gratitude for the plan even when I do not understand it always, and see the blessings I do have, like being an older sister and having a goddaughter. I do not know if I will birth my own child in this life, but I am grateful for being there for those I may. Seems by not having my own I have the space in my heart and time to give where I am needed. This is indeed a gift in itself. Having my sister travel with me is truly a blessing upon my path as well.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and went to the kitchen were Ema was sitting having breakfast, I had dragon fruit and that was what I had just dragon fruit. We started the laundry and hung out for a while, Ema told me today would be a calm day and we were just going to do chores. It was time for lunch so Ema made me a sandwich and I had romin too. We called mom and mom talked to me about some serous things and some things I couldn’t hear so I went around and collected some leafs and put away my clothes. I wanted to ride a horse really bad today but I don’t know why. Ema was now very tired so while she took a nap I did my journal from yesterday and when she woke I did some post cards. Sissy made me some dinner and it was goats cheese, veggies, and rice!

I  did the dishes while Ema went out to water and I finished yesterdays journal and now today. I walked out and sissy was lighting a candle I asked her what she was doing and she said she was honoring her babies, which made my heart hurt. Good night.

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