Day 33 . An Adventure to Kona

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ Today we were going to Kona. I was so excited as when I lived on the island before, this was my hometown. I have been waiting to take Elle and glad we have found a day to make the journey. We got on our matching outfits on that we have been saving for today, and got our bags ready with hopes to swim while there. Elle brought our Shore Buddies friend and got him all buckled in for the ride down the mountain.

One of our first stops was to find a restroom. Thankfully a nice lady in a jewelry shop gave us the code to the one in the back of the shop, so I waited on Elle and watched over Victor.

Elle found a shop with a necklace she really likes, but she is on a mission to find the perfect one, so is looking around before buying. Ironman is happening soon, so there are signs of it everywhere. Lots of bikes on the roads too.

We continued on and wandered our way through Kona. The scent of plumeria is in the air and it makes me happy. Elle found a few little friends along the way including a bit of her heritage, and a Buddha made of rose quartz.

She was hungry so we started to look for food. I was hoping the Greek restaurant still existed, but it did not, so we found a place with fish and chips. Turns out we chose the perfect spot, for as we waited for our food a dolphin pod appeared in the bay. I so wish we could have just jumped in and joined them, but soon our food came. I had some sort of toasted coconut smoothie, and of course I used my own metal straw I carry with me as I travel. We both got an order of the kids fish and chips, which as perfect as I can never eat much in one sitting. It was so good we ate it up before we even remembered more pictures.

After lunch we spoke with our mom. Things are not so well still at home and our little brother is not dealing with the stress well. He actually ended up in the hospital. We are worried about him. Elle thinks he needs to learn to meditate, and you know, she is right. We all could use more of that in our lives. While I stood under a huge tree across from the ocean I listened as my mother expressed her concerns, I feel grateful Elle is here away from such. I am also sad that my mom feels she does not have enough support to help my brothers. I know my Mom can do it. She was a early childhood education teacher for years and can work with all three at home I believe to at least get them their basics to make it in the world, and help find the resources to heal them from their childhood traumas. We knew when each child came into our lives there would be special needs due to their unique stories, and how we came to adopt them. I just hope she can see her strengths and believe in herself and remember why she took on this challenge to begin. Elle appeared from exploring the shops just behind the tree and pulled me away into a Tibetan shop she had just discovered. There was a wonderful monk there that happened to teach mediation to children. Seems Elle found exactly who she was looking for that day. Someone to help her dive deeper into her interest of mediation. They sat and meditated together. It really felt that we had walked into another world and exactly what we needed. Remembering to breathe is always the perfect solution. He was so kind and gifted Elle a prayer necklace and flag, as well much wisdom on her journey. She found a little singing bowl and bought it for herself with her funding from the land we are caring for. It was a beautiful perfectly aligned moment. We stopped through to a few more shops including a crystal shop. We found a few gifts for our jars we are making for our family. The women there had the most lovely spirit and offered for us to visit again. She does healing work, reading the eyes, and would like to try to help me discover more of what is going on with my health. I hope we will see her again. It was getting late so we ran down to Magic Sands Beach and played in the waves a bit. The sun was setting and the waves big, so I kept us to the edge of the waters. Elle so badly wanted to swim, but I reminded her we had to be grateful for the taste, for the bit of an experience, and that there would be more. We made our way to the Kava house for some pie straight from the beach. This was one of my favorite local spots to hang out at many years ago. It felt good to sit in the atmosphere once again. Unfortunately they did not have pie or anything that night we could eat that night, so after our drinks we went on our way to find food.

There were lots of interesting characters out at that hour. We went back to the car to change for dinner and I met and spoke for awhile with one man who dreams to write children’s books. I hope I inspired him to share his vision. We all need this kind of encouragement from one another, to live our dreams and share our unique gifts. We checked out one more place for food, but after Elle and I got invited by two Italian guys to join a party we decided to head home and just have snacks in the car. It was quite funny watching one disappear upon realizing their mistake, and listening to the other apologize profusely. Elle and I laughed about it and I told her I better not keep her out so late in such cool places. She is much too pretty already and confuses the other side of the species. Oh my.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and took a shower, it was 9:00 something and today we would be going to Kona. I got dressed, and had a starfruit for breakfast, it was really good. While eating I finished getting ready, and got out my purse, beach bag, etc., we got in the car and I buckled in victor and all of our things before opening the gate for us to head to Kona. Ema had me put up the directions on my phone while we talked to mom, we talked to mom for a while before she had to go to eat dinner. Ema and I talked before finally making it there, Ema wanted to take a beach route but we went the way the gps said. We got there around 12:00 and started looking at the farmers market, most of the market shops were closed all but 2. We started to look in down town Kona, there were lots of shops and Ema and I agreed to look in all the shops before buying anything. One of my goals was to get a bone necklace and I couldn’t find the perfect one until one shop, it was the third shop we went into but the bone necklace had a plumeria and seemed to be perfect for me, I asked the man there to but it on hold for me and we looked more before going to the next shop. It was hot and victor seemed very heavy so I put him in my small bag before going in a few more shops with nothing to special just touristy type things.

Soon my belly was yelling at me and I needed food really bad so we headed to find food, we stoped at a few cool shops and I found a really awesome night light that was a giraffe and I really wanted it so we were going to come back to it.

I was starving by now and we found a restaurant overlooking the ocean. We had fish and chips but Ema and I saw something really cool, at first I didnt see them but finally I did, they were dolphins! These we the first dolphins I’ve ever seen in real life, I was very excited, this is amazing I thought.

Just then our food came, it was really good, I ate all of mine and Ema ate all of hers, it was funny because we each got food off the kids menu but it was so filling I didn’t even notice. We payed for our amazing meal and moved on, Luke was being rude to me so Ema called mom and told her what was going on, I was looking in stores while they were talking and walked into what I thought was a clothing store but when I went in I realized it wasn’t, right away the thought that came over me was “what have I done?”, I had walked into a Tibet store. The man there was Tibetan, and he loved victor, I looked in the store and ran to Ema, she was just finishing her call with mom and came in the store, she was excited I could tell and we looked around. The man was talking about victor and then Ema and I looked around. I showed Ema these flags to Ema with Dali Lama quotes and we found all of the quotes in the store, there were 17, when we were checking to make sure we had everyone the man came up and started telling us about how he teaches meditation to kids and showed us his book of kids and told us about all of them. We asked him how much the flags would be and he said there $10 each, so that would be $170 and then he said I didn’t need all of those. I went back and found this singing bowl and without thinking I just started to play it, Ema was shocked as neither of us can ever play the little ones and I have trouble with singing bowls so we knew I needed this bowl. He came over with his bowl and started to play his, and Ema and him talked. He went back to his spot and I went up and asked him “how much the bowl would be”, he told me “usually it was $50 but he would give it to me for $30 meaning I would get $20 dollars off” I was very excited and decided I could not refuse an offer like this. He also had me pick out a flag and he gave it to me for free. We talked to him for a while and he wanted to teach me to meditate. He taught me meditation is breathing and told me it was also about being aware. He told me of a story of a woman coming in and asking if it was a korean shop even though she read the shop sign. We meditated for a few moments and it was so cool, I felt tingly inside and so relaxed.

After that we talked more and he gave me a prayer bed necklace for free too he told me to pick it out and he gave it to me. We talked to him for a while longer before moving on, we went in this gems shop and Ema made a friend, they talked for a very very long time and we picked out crystals for Luke,  Eli, Xena, and mom. Finally after what seemed to be forever we finally left. We decided to go for a quick swim and the waves were crazy, we didnt swim for long before leaving to eat pie and have some kava. We went to get kava and stayed there and I had pineapple kava but sissy had just plain kava, we met lots of people and there was a song talking about jammin but I thought it said German, finally after pog juice and my kava we left for food. We were walking around a corner and saw this man. Ema  started to talk to him for a really really long time, she said he needed someone to talk to and she healed him in some way. Finally after a while we went to a restaurant, but decided not to eat there, and  just go home. When walking back these men invited us to a party but ema said “I have to get this little one home” they were shocked and one ran away while the other apologized and said “I looked 18 from there” we left giggling about what had just happened and headed home. We fell asleep after showering and taking care of our things.

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