Day 32 . Hats and More Hats

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ I woke up today and headed over to get Elle from Stella’s but found when I arrived she was not ready to go. I guess they had too much fun after all. I am glad to see her shyness melting away with children her own age. She needs these sorts of connections and support systems in life. Everyone else had parted, so I excused us and got to our day as well. We had some errands to run, but found being a Sunday most places were closed, so we stopped through at one shop not far from the house and played a moment with hats and dresses. Wwe did not get anything, yet instead just dreamed. We try to be careful in how we actually spend our resources and know as travelers we have to be wise in what we choose to carry around the world. After that we headed home and I organized some of my tails. My collection is growing monthly right now and I have so many I need to create art in. It is difficulty having always been the photographer and suddenly needing to be the one in front of the camera, yet I am grateful Elle is a budding little photographer and creates reflections with me when we are able. We spend most of the day tending the home and getting our room organized again, It is amazing how much sand we seem to collect. I suppose we are mermaids. I got everything swept and organized again. Dinner was fish tacos. I guess we are carrying on the spirit of last nights party.

By Elle ~ Today I woke around 6:50 Stella and I woke at the same time. I had the weirdest fart that was quiet but Stella and I laughed as we both heard it. She asked if I wanted to go watch the titanic I said “yes”. I looked for my block because I lost it in the couch but I couldn’t find it. We grabbed everything we needed, we asked Maddie if she wanted to watch the movie too, she wanted to so she came to the tent with and we watched the movie and only had 45 minutes left when we decided to go outside. I swung with Stella and we all remade the titanic scene that says “I’m flying jack” on Stellas treehouse. Soon we went inside and Victoria started to make cinnamon roll waffles which worked, but the cinnamon flavor went away, so we just made normal cinnamon rolls. While the rolls cooked we went outside and had some treehouse time before leaving to eat. The rolls were really good we had those, and mango, and bacon, but I didn’t eat the bacon. I had a cinnamon roll and a half and some mango, I gave my bacon to Stella and we all hung out in the kitchen for a while. I tried some lemoned ice tea and it was really good, I’m not a tea person and this was good, I drank it all. When we finished eating Maddie got dressed and soon after I got dressed before doing more prank calls. We were told to get our stuff together and Stella and I were doing tic tok when Ema came. Ema came first but we didn’t leave till after everyone. First Maddie left, then Sophie, then Christine, and then me. We were going to go to the beach but our plans slowly faded. Ema and I had to run a few arends trash, post office, then Takata. Once we did that we came home and I journaled and then had a bean taco. Ema was organizing her tails and told me to do mine I was doing mine when I looked at the ground by the chest and I saw a centipede, I calmly told Ema and we tried getting him but he went in the wall. I was so nervous I was slightly shaky, but I just kept doing my thing. When I came back in after telling sissy about my boots because I moved them, I looked by the weaved box were my school supplies are and I saw another one, I told Ema and we tried getting this one but he went in the wall too. So in all I’ve seen 4 centipedes so far. Ema had me move my boots to the closet and then I finished my project before we called mom. We talked with mom and soon she let us go because it was 10:00pm there.  I packed my beach bag and Ema said “lets go get a lilikoi slushy first” I said “okay” and grabbed my purse. We forgot it was Sunday and they were closed, we stoped at the shop we love to go to and found some fun things like an outfit for Ema and I.

Plus a giant hat I wanted but it was way to expensive and it was dirty and falling apart so I was not going to be wasting my money on that.

We looked around for longer until they closed and then headed to see if there was anywhere Ema could eat, before heading home. When we were home Ema made fish tacos and we ate and found Sunny’s crunchies, Good Night. 

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