Day 31 . A Birthday Camp-out

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A daily reflection by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ Today is my goddaughters birthday and Elle is joining her and friends for a camp-out. I thought I would just drop her off with Stella’s gift, but a few of the parents of the others girls and friends were there, so I wandered around for awhile, but without my camera in hand I often feel a bit out of place at events and found myself hanging out with Stella’s puppy, Cactus. I found Jonathan in the front speaking to an old friend that I have not spoke to in many years. It was sweet that he figured out it was me by my laugh even before the photo we sent him arrived.

Cactus’s are also the theme of the party, and the girls started off the events with a pinata.

The girls were not having any luck getting it to break open even after they knocked it down, so finally Stella’s big sister climbed up the tree house and showered down the treats inside for the girls to collect.

The girls settled into their tent and Stella opened her presents. I was grateful to be invited in to their wonderland a moment.

We had a feast of tacos for dinner and then it was time for cake. Stella’s mom made a flourless chocolate cake. It was so yummy. I had to pass on the ice cream, but had to taste a bit of this divinity.

Once the girls were settled in the tent the adults played with the props in the photo booth. It was nice to get to know a few more of the locals. David is the dad of Sophie and is a geologist. He is very interesting and kind. It is always a blessing to meet other good souls along the way of our travels. The moon was really beautiful tonight, but I could not get that great of a photo of it on just my phone, but I tried.

It was strange going home without Elle, but I know here she is getting to have such great experiences being a part of a girls circle and having a camp-out in the Hawaiian night. She was really shy about coming into meet so many girls at once, but by the time I parted she seemed to have settled in well and was having fun. I am so grateful that the two girls that are so important to me, my sister and goddaughter, are getting to meet and make memories. Thank you Stella for inviting her into your world. Happy birthday, my Darling!

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and ate breakfast. I had yogurt with granola mixed with honey and a couple cookies. We wrapped Stella’s gifts and I got ready. I took a shower and was all ready just as lunch time approached, I called mom as there’s not much you can do when your eating and we talked for a while. When I was done with the dishes I did my own thing before mom let us go so we could get ready to go. Ema was already very late when she finished her shower and we didn’t get there till 3:30 something and it starts at 3:00. I was the first of Stella’s friends to get there but soon Sophie came. Stella asked me if I brought my stuff and I said yes and took the car keys, Stella, Sophie, and I went to the car to get my stuff. Stella introduced me to Sophie a girl with wavy brown hair, and I thought “ok this isn’t so bad as we walked to put my things in the tent. The next to come was Christine, Christine was tall and had shoulder length black hair. We all sat in the tent figuring out sleeping arrangements when the third came Maddie, Maddie had hair about Stellas length and she was blonde. Christine got along well with Sophie, and Maddie and I both kind of just sat there. I felt awkward but as time went on I got more and more comfortable. Maddie and I got along while Stella hung out with everyone. We wanted to do the piñata so we blind folded ourself and popped open a lime. We played watch your mouth but it wasn’t fun for me because my mouth piece was to small and I could say things way to easily, thankfully soon dinner was ready and we washed our pieces, Christine and Sophie had spit falling out of their mouth when we were playing, they were drooling so we had to wash the pieces well. Soon it was taco time and I had a fish taco while the others had meat. Dinner was good except for the onions and peppers they put in the fish. By this point I was much more confident and I wanted to stay I was getting along with everyone and it was going well. After dinner we did the photo booth with everyone before going back to the tent soon.

We decided to get in our pjs but I was behind and I thought they left the door open but little did I know it was closed and I ran into the screen, I told everyone and they said “welcome to the family everyone runs into the screen’’. I had to pee and then I grabbed my pjs. Ema told me to take my pill (cranberry and probiotic) and then I was off to grab my pjs after taking my pill. Soon I was back in the tent with everyone and we played apples to apples and did tic tok. We were called out for cake and Stella had some cool candles that had flames the color of the candle, the cake was really good and I’m not a cake person, however it did taste like brownies so maybe that’s why I liked it, but I don’t know. We hung out and did a charcoal face mask when Ema came in and told me she would soon be leaving.

We wanted to watch a movie we were thinking titanic because Maddie and Stella had never seen it but we couldnt find it so we just watched the Lorax and talked about how dr Seuss must have been from the future while eating carrots, oranges, oie os as I call them, starburst, chips, and popcorn. We watched the movie while Sophie and Christine made a tinder and joked. I noticed when laying in beds for our movie no one checked under their pillow or in their blankets, so I just took a quick peek and under the pillow, nothing like I usually do. We went inside to get fuzzy socks and I had a really hard time deciding, we also decided to do another face mask that hurt my face so I washed it off with Maddie. Soon Johnathan came in and told us we needed to brush our teeth and get ready, Maddie went in to go first and Stella and I swung on the swing, she told me “we can stay up but we have to turn off the light and be quiet before telling the other girls the same. Christine cleaned her face and I went to brush my teeth, Christine said something about my black charcoal toothpaste and soon after Stella came in, she said “ look at my toothpaste showing us her black toothpaste and Christine said “Elle has that too”, Stella asked if it made my teeth black and I told her “yes!”. When everyone was all ready we started to watch titanic cause we finally found it and decided to go to bed, I wasn’t tired and I just laid there trying to get a few minutes of sleep but I just sat there, Stella tapped me and I asked about some sirens I heard she said she didn’t hear then but asked “are you getting wet?” I told her “yes” by this point it was pouring so we woke everyone grabbed the important things and went inside were we all layered down and could finally go to sleep, at 3:00 something in the morning.

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