Day 30 . We Love Horses

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ This morning I stopped through to see the horses on the land on my way to the post office. I love having them on the land, and Elle does too. We have always both dreamed of the farm life and this bit of earth we are caretaking is the perfect reality. I have waiting on a package from the mainland with my birthday gift and next ambassador tail from Fin Fun and was excited that it arrived. Thanks Fin Fun for the birthday leggings. I cannot wait to wear them to the beach! Now I have the leggings to match my tail that I got at the Fin Fun Shop this summer.

My ring that I forgot on the mainland that matches my goddaughter also arrived, and the luggage tags I designed and ordered for Elle and I. We did not get to use them for the travel here, but will have them for our return flight and any further travels.

We also got a surprise package from the land owner. She has been so kind to be sending us gifts. It is so cool that she got me a journal with a mermaid on it, that happens to be the same as one I found in a book shop in Salt Lake City, Utah, but did not decide to get it for myself. I guess I was meant to have it after all. Thank you Terry! I tried on the tee shirt and thought since it was an adult size it was for me, but turns out it is for Elle actually. Terry thought of her because she talks to the trees as she waters them and got her a shirt from the place in California she was staying at for an art festival in the redwoods. Elle is indeed our tree spirit of the family. It is even written in her name, Elowyn Willow. Elowyn is the essence of the Elm, and of course her middle name Willow.

Elle had 4-H today and I went to town and browsed books. I found one I don’t think I have, but need to check before I get another book to carry around the world.

Elle was excited as always to have her 4-H today. She was ready to go and dove right into riding as soon as a horse was available. She is really learning to get out there and lead. She even takes on the horses that are stubborn and others can’t get walking. I am so proud of her finding her confidence.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and I watched tic tok and talked to Gracie. Soon it was breakfast time, Ema made me cinnamon roll French toast, yummy! I brushed sunny while she made my yummyness, I came in at the right time, just as they were done. I ate and called mom while I did my dishes, and then when we went to the post office with her on the phone,  but soon mom had to go and we needed to go to the counter. At the post office I was wearing socks with flip flops (or slippers as Ema calls them), I hope no one noticed but I don’t really care even if they did. We had some problems thinking we didn’t have a package but thankfully we later found it, anyways we gave the post office sissy’s number so they could call if they found it. We asked Thomas about it before stoping at a cafe for a lilikoi frosty. We got home and Gracie called me I had to call her back as we were carrying packages inside, while carrying one I had the cup of my lilikoi frosty in my mouth and a package in my hand, Ema started to laugh at me while she got the last two packages. We opened the ones from Terry and one that we needed from Thomas. Terry gave us cute things, she is very sweet from what I can tell, and we got things we needed in the box from Thomas. After opening package I talked to Gracie and soon hung up so I could get ready for 4h. I took my shower and called mom while I got ready brushing my teeth, putting on deodorant, and brushing my hair. After I hung up with mom Ema and I did some tic toks and soon it was 3:30. We headed to 4H and when we got there realized we were late even though we got there earlier than 3:30. I watched Shay demonstrate how to walk a horse and the little ones rode for a little before the older kids got their turn. There was a girl struggling to deal with brownie, Shay said “does anyone want to take control of this horse and be the boss?” Some girls rose their hands but Shay picked me, I got on brownie and at first struggled to get him going but soon I was riding him around barrels and having a great time when Shay said “come here princess” so I came and she had me get off brownie and get on misty. When I got on misty she said “be ready to balance, if you fall off just get back on, its okay.” I just got on and rode misty with no problem but I could see why some people may fall off of her because of the way she walked but luckily for me I have good balance from the times I was in cheer being the flyer I only had one problem at the end when misty ran with me on her to the gate, I’m not that experienced so this was new but I just held on.  After misty I stood by the gate for a minute, none of the girls wanted to ride the horses so I asked Shay if I could ride brownie again and she said yes another another girl so I hung out with sissy until the girl was done however another girl got on and one of the teachers said “you can ride this one, your more experienced.” I cannot remember the horses name but this horse would not cooperate with me and everytime I tried to do something the horse would get mad and go phph or start running, mind you I’ve never rode a running horse. soon shay had all of us walk the horses to the trailer as all of the horses were acting like this or worse.

We walked the horses and some girl took over the naughty horse and I got 4 horseshoes to decorate for the fair. We talked with Wendy and then Shay and learned class started at 3:00 not 3:30, after talking we left and went to takatas. We got fish and fruit, before leaving and heading home were we had a spicy dinner and then I started journaling, while doing so Ema thought I was on tic tok because of the music I was playing and said sternly, “ELOWYN!”  I told her I was just journaling. It’s been a while and now I’m done, goodnight.

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