Day 29 . Art Class at the Co-op

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By Ema ~ Today was an exciting day for Elle as she has been waiting patiently to begin art classes at the local co-op. It was suppose to be a weekly class for her while we were here, but they have had issues with teachers and such, so she set an alarm and was up early getting ready for the long awaited class today. They have mentioned all kinds of art they would be doing, but today decided to dive into Japanese brush work. I have supplies like these back on the mainland that Elle and I just collected on our trip west to gather my things, so she will be able to continue practicing in the future. I was very impressed with what she painted in her first class. Her card is beautiful and she is very proud of it. I am very proud of her. She does not consider herself very good with drawing, but is proving more and more to herself she can do whatever she puts her mind and heart into. I ran to town while Elle was in her class and found a necklace I was considering as a gift for Thomas who did so much in getting Elle here to Hawaii with me. I am not sure it is the perfect one, so I am still looking around. Sunny the cat was waiting us for our return. She has really adapted to having the little one here as well. The cat is very particular about who she accepts and I am lucky she loves me and has taken to Elle. She even waits for Elle to finish her prayer before eating, something she usually just does for Terry. I pray for her each time I feed her, but she is not very patient even for me. Sweet that Elle has created this communication for her.

By Elle ~ Today I woke very early 7:00 to be exact. I woke this early because I needed to go to the co-op for my art class which started at 9:00. I got in the shower and got all ready, I did my morning set of things such as brushing hair, and getting dressed. I got another message from another one of my friends that my brother asked them out, this is getting ridiculous and I am definitely at my last straw. I told mom and she said she took care of it so I went to the kitchen and ate breakfast while I watched Elexa’s tic toks. Soon it was time to go I was going to wear tennis shoes but they didn’t fit me so I left in just flip flops. We were first there even thought I forgot my hydro flask inside and then had to brush my teeth. When we got there I helped the art teacher (named melody) set up. Soon a teenage boy and his mother came in his mother decided to stay for the art class. We did bamboo art and learned different strokes. Melody is the kind of teacher that teaches on your paper which is sad because it was ruining my art that would have been really pretty. We had a snack of capree sun, ritz crackers, and blueberry breakfast bars. When the class was over and I headed home with Ema I wanted to look in town but we still went to the house thinking we would go later. At home I did tic tok and occupied myself for the rest of the day eating lots of fruit and doing tic tok. I did flips for the first time in forever and worked on my spins. Now I sit in bed journaling and almost caught up, I just need to do yesterday and I’m done goodnight. 

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