Day 28 . Rainbow Blessings on a Quiet Day

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ It was a quiet day for us today. I was up most of the night with a belly ache and my dear Elle joined me as I made my rounds between the bath and sitting in the warm night air on the porch. I am so thankful for the bathtub here. It is a blessing for this mermaid when my belly hurts. Most of this day was just about resting, tending the home, and watching the rains. We were given quite the show of a double rainbow that covered the property. I have always thought of rainbows as blessings. Seems we need them these days with some of the levels of stress happening at home for our mother and siblings. Even an ocean away and we can’t help but feel for them. I just hope this time gives my mother the means to manage all at home and heal what needs be. I am grateful I can hold Elle through this time and show her the possibilities of this world and the life we can live. See she is such a bright soul ready to shine and do great things with her life. I am honored to guide her in her journey of healing, and finding herself through what brings her joy and inspiration. On another note, there is an odd huge wasp like looking creature that must be very powerful as this is the second we have seen carry its prey across the lawn and off under the house. Kind of freaky to think about as the spider is not small. I am not sure what it is, but it is huge and I don’t want to upset him, so just leaving them to themselves. I figure for him it is just dinner. It is the way nature works.

By Elle ~ Today I didn’t go to bed till 4:00 something a.m. and we decided to go to sleep. When I woke up (to Gracie calling me) I saw what she wanted and went got up. When I decided to eat, I had eggs, mango, and dragon fruit I do believe so. I was on tic tok and did my dishes. I we didint do much but talk and tic tok, today was a blur and I cant rember much, I had a grilled cheese and then decided to explore. I went down to the banyon tree were there was a spider on the swing I wanted to swing on, I had to get a stick and take him off, every time I got him I would move too fast and he would go back to the web so I finally just had to go very slow and I finally got him off. I swung for a while and then gathered fruit, mom called and I talked to her, we talked about the fruit, soon she said goodbye and we hung up. I collected dragon fruit, guava, lemon, and some vitamin c things. I saw my first whole rainbow ever, it was so cool, a full rainbow! I got lots of footage but it was hard as it was raining. Soon it was dark we ate and watched the sky, Ema told me change the laundry, turns out I never started it so I had to start it and then after changing it and going to take a bath I went to sleep.

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