Day 27 . To the Beach and to Tend Horses

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle~

By Ema~ I started my day with an acai, white pineapple, banana, coconut water smoothie and made ulu pancakes for Elle. Its really simple once the Breadfruit has gone soft. It’s like a batter already in consistency and you just have to add an egg, and some coconut sugar for some extra sweetness if you like. Then mix and cook it up in some oil on a frying pan just like a regular recipe for pancakes. We put some lilikoi syrup on top but found they were really good just as is. The land crew arrived while we were cooking, and since their work days have been so odd lately, I did not have the watering hose in and had to run and deal with that. I had asked the land crew to harvest the bananas if they were ready, but it seem they took them a bit early. I did not get out there to look, as I was also cooking, and the one guy came back with a rack of the tiniest bananas. We have hung them up and shall hope they somehow ripen. Once the land crew parted we were on a mission to get our morning chores done and get to the beach. We were taking my goddaughter Stella with us also, and our Shore Buddies friend Victor the Seagull.

Unfortunately Elle did not get her essay finish as was expected of her and now has to finish it at the beach before she can swim. I figure this is not the worst punishment as how many kids would love to do school at the beach, but hopefully it will get her focused to complete what she needs when she needs, so we can adventure and make art at other times. She did do some photos of Stella and I in our tails, which I am grateful for as we have got to swim in our tails together before, but these are the first intentional pictures we have had together. Something was on my camera screen though, possibly oil from sunscreen, so many of the photos and our Tic Toc video are quite hazy. Thank you Elle for pausing from your essay to make some reflections for us.

Photos by Elle~

We did not get to stay too long at the beach, as Stella had riding plans for the evening, so we had a little swim and then headed back up the island with a stop through for a snack of some coconut shrimp. On the way back Stella’s riding plans got canceled, so we joined her to feed the horses. Elle was of course delighted to meet the horses. When we took Stella home we also played in her costume box to get ideas for Halloween. I found a sailor hat, now I just need a sailor to carry this mermaid… lol. One can wish! Stella’s dad sent us home with some dinner for Elle, so she had her dinner and worked on her journal while I tended the evening chores. It always feels like a good day when we make it to the beach. I am definitely a mermaid at heart.

By Elle ~ Today I woke and Ema was on the porch, we talked before I got my essay stuff and went to the kitchen to have breakfast. I asked Ema what this mornings breakfast was and we decided on breadfruit / ulu pancakes. We were making ulu pancakes when I said “oh the land crew is here” Ema said “oh no the hose!” and ran to the field. The man that has a crush on Ema started to help us and that made rolling up the whose easier. We went into the kitchen to continue making our pancakes when he came up and started talking to Ema. I made my food and Ema came back in soon. I did a tic tok to the seagul song and started to eat my food, the guy that likes Ema wasn’t helping his work buddies and was helping us get down some fruit but after getting down the bananas I said “this would be perfect for a tic tok” he said “tic tok?!”  Soon the land crew left and we were done eating. We started to get ready and I had out my school supplies as we were going to the beach but I needed my stuff to work on and finish. While Ema was in the shower I caught the baby gecko in our room and put him outside but I think when I grabbed him I broke his foot and the poor guy was limping, so I put him in a plant were he would be hidden and said a prayer for him and his foot. After that Ema was done so I could take a shower I washed myself and there was this gecko that I had tried catching when I was saving the baby but my hands were full and I couldnt get him without dropping the baby so in the shower I tried catching him but he got away every time. After my shower I got dressed, put on deodorant, brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, and got all ready doing anything else I would need to. We had to go to the transfer station so I got together some trash and Ema got some trash. I had to put my fins in the beach bag and it took me a minute but thankfully soon I got all my stuff and filled terry’s hydro flask before running to the car. Once in the car there was a spider we tried to get him but everytime we tried he would hide and so we had to just leave him be, keeping the stick just incase he crawled out and came to me. We went to the transfer station and then headed to pick up Stella. Then we headed to the beach, in the car I worked on my essay and we were going to stop at a fruit store by the blue dragon but it was closed. Mom called and I talked with her for a while before we pulled up to the beach entrance, the beach was full so we went to a baby beach. I did my homeschooling while Ema and Stella did a tic tok, after photos, the plan was to take pictures of me too but we never did.

After I finished I wanted to read out my hard work to Ema but instead she just had me get in the water, we swam before finally having to leave as we needed to drop off Stella to ride her horse, when we were walking back to the car with a guy who had a daughter our age and on the way up I cut my toe or something because it started to bleed, he told us he had a first aid kit and gave me neosporn and a bandaid saying “this is psychological” Ema mentioned “oh he has no sting neosporn, he must have little ones” we thanked him and we moved on, when we were pulling out Stella told us she no longer had to ride I said “turn around! Let’s go back to the beach!” Ema wouldn’t turn around. We made it to the restroom we always go to for coconut shrimp and had some garlic bread, fries, coconut shrimp, and water. We had troubles with the glass ketchup bottle but soon fixed them.

After eating we headed to Stellas home as ate still needed to feed the horses, she invited Ema and I to come, she let me borrow a pair of her boots and socks. Everyone was talking about rats in there boot when stella said something about one in a boot, before we left Stella picked us each a starfruit from her tree. I had fun the horses were sweet and Stella offered to her help me with riding which was nice, the horses ate and soon we were headed back. We went to Stellas house and I went through her costume drawer to find something perfect for Halloween, there were some funny costumes, like the hotdog, or nerd. I chose these gold pants but I wasn’t a big fan of the shirt that went with the pants, so Stella and I found a white shirt that would do nicely. Stella and Johnathan had a rubber band fight and were both in a funny comedic mood. Stella and I decided to play a board game, we played this one were we but these things in our mouth and the other person had to guess what they were saying, it was hard to speak with these and I  couldn’t say b letter words. Soon it was time for Ema and I to move on, we said our goodbyes and went home. I had my curry that they had given me and went to bed. 

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