Day 26 . Bringing Back Pele

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ Today as I was waking up I heard beeping coming from the utility room. I went into the kitchen to find Elle trying to light the stove, which usually she waits for me, but today was getting a bit ahead of herself. I had just told her I was coming when the beeping began. I too tried to light the stove to no avail. Seems our fire had run out, so I contacted the other caretaker who helps while Terry is away and she came over to give me a lesson in switching propane tanks. We were grateful to have fire again with such a simple solution. Living off the land and having to carry in your resources, and much of the waste off the land, makes one very aware of usage. I was grateful there was another tank on hand and now knew how to manage it need be for the future.

We went into town hoping to find one of my favorite foods, breadfruit, but unfortunately it is rare to find in the shops. I need to make more friends, as I see it growing around. Takes time to get to know a small community, but we are grateful our connections are growing. One of Elle’s favorite shops here is Olivia Claire and the first place someone called themselves her auntie, which is part of the culture here when you do become accepted as local. We stop through often and admire their dresses and other treasures. Today we came home with a few gifts for my dear friend Jenny in England who is expecting a new babe soon. Of course we tried on a few things and dreamed a bit. I have my eye on a sweater, and Elle found a dress which would be perfect for her Kinaalda.

We tried to find some something to eat on the way home, but there were not a lot of options open. It was the first time the local Kava Cafe was open while we were in town, so we decided to stop through and see what they had. Unfortunately there was no food, so we shared a drink. Well, Elle ate all the coconut off the edges and took a sip, but I enjoyed the unique blend of Kava with coconut milk and honey. It was the first time I had it prepared like this. It was quite yummy, although Elle was not a big fan, so I finished up. Elle loved the Pele painting at the cafe so we captured a reflection of her and reflected on how grateful we were for fire and could go home and make dinner.

I got all around the home tended to while Elle worked on home school projects and her journal. It is amazing how quickly some days go.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and Ema was on the poach, I laid in bed drifting in and out of sleep when Ema came in and went back to sleep. Eventually I got up. I soon grabbed my stuff to work on my essay. I made my breakfast which was peanut butter honey sandwich with starfruit and a bit of mango. I didn’t cook because Ema told me that I shouldn’t cook while she is sleeping so I respected her wishes. I worked on my essay. I saw geckos right above my head. Soon I wanted lunch Ema was up by now and she said she would come and cut up some pineapple for me in a minute so I got out my pan, filled it with water and tried to turn on the fire but it wasn’t working, Ema told me that was weird because she woke up to some beeping and when I turned off the water it stoped so we called Glyn. Glyn came and they did something to the propane so the stove would work again. I had a bit of mochi rice called sticky rice and was going to just have a spring roll but soon I could have romin again. When Glyn left Ema cut up pineapple and made a smoothie. I did more essay before we ran to the natural food store.  They didn’t have breadfruit so we just got some fruits before going to Olivia Clare. In Olivia Clare  we got some stickers and a few gifts for Jenny’s baby and shopped until closing. When we left I was hungry so we tried to go to a bunch of different each either not being open or just not having foods ema could eat, but we ended up going to a shop were we had kava blessed with coconut milk and honey. It didn’t taste very good so I let ema drink it all. Next we headed home were I had beans and chips for dinner and worked on my essay. I was working on my essay when I herd something cry for help and saw a big gecko had something in its mouth, I got up thinking it was just a roach to see what would happen but I saw the gecko had a baby gecko, I started yelling at the gecko telling him to let go but he wouldn’t and he was so in to eating this little guy. He would have let me grab him, but instead I just hit him and that made him let go, this was when Ema came in hearing all the commotion and asked what was happening meanwhile the gecko was eating the baby’s end of the tail. From then on I made the gecko stay in the pantry and he tried getting the baby a few more times but I scared him up the wall back in the pantry. Soon it was late and I did some journaling with a gecko on my chair before going to bed.

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