Day 25 . Pink Dragon-fruit and Preparing Packages

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ I started my day with some yoga on the porch which turns into a sort of strengthening and dance as I go and then made my morning mango smoothie with added Hawaiian Spiralina and topped with a starfruit. Elle is excited to be able to eat sugar again and is trying out the new honey we got from the market with honeycomb in it from the Bee Boys.

When I opened my mango this morning it was already sprouting, so I decided to open ti up and save the seeds. Elle and I did a little reseach online and collected a few more seeds. We will not have time to plant them, but are going to get them started and ready to gift to my goddaughters mother. She had all sorts of fruit growing on their land from starters. Everything grows so quickly here when you have year round growing season, so we hope to add mango to her collection. It will be fun to see how they progress also. Looks like we have some healthy seeds to start.

We have been really wanting a beach day lately, but by the time all of our chores around the land and homeschooling is done we have not really had a full day, so we have decided to wait again until tomorrow. We have been working on little memory jars for our mom and siblings. Instead of buying them big gifts we are utilizing the jars that came with our homemade lemonade from the market and are filling them with smaller gifts and things like coral and rocks (but not Pele, lava rocks) we find along the way of our travels. These gifts will hopefully give them a little taste of our journey and let them know we were thinking of them all along the way.

I spoke with my Mom on behalf of Elle today. She really wishes to continue to home school with me when we return to the mainland and not have to return to her public school. I think she is very wise, and ready to build her life, rather than be caught in the unnecessary dramas that American school life seems to be. I love that Elle is focused and knows what she wants in life. I was much like her when I was little. I always knew I was meant to work with the ocean and have carried a camera since I was very little. I think many children know early on what their gifts are and what they are here for, but school and such can be very distracting, trying to mold everyone into a certain framework, and distracting us from our unique purpose. I think education is so important, but there is more than what a standard school can offer, and if you are able and have the means give it to the children that are here and ready to change our world for the better, I feel we should. I believe at this point we could give Elle so much more through immersive “world schooling” and am excited to see all we could create. I hope to guide her to discover all she is capable of, anything she sets her mind and heart upon. We have already researched and found so many interesting programs to learn with. Traveling and hands-on experience is the best way to learn ultimately, and Elle loves it just as I do. She is such a little adventurer. For the moment we are mixing the online program from her public school with our own activities, but would love to be able to dive in and create a curriculum just for her based on her interests and needs. I suppose building our dreams happens bit by bit and this is a beginning. For this I am grateful. For dinner I made some local fish and our favorite purple sweet potatoes. I miss foods so fresh like this when I am away from Hawaii and am trying to savor as much as possible of all the goodness while we are here.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and had to deal with chain mail from Gracie, I don’t like dealing with chain mail and most of the time I don’t read them but I did this time because I thought she had sent me a message and so then I had to deal with that. After that I went on the porch with Ema, she asked me for my opinion on and instagram photo, I told her what I thought and she told me that was the opposite of what I said yesterday. I was hungry so I headed to the kitchen,  Ema was dancing to her song So I tried not to interrupt but ask if I could have honey in my yogurt and granola she said “only a little bit, don’t over do it just because you can” and that was that so I only had half a spoon full not a full. My yogurt was coconut yogurt so it had no flavor and the granola didn’t have much either so I had a flavorless meal. While I was eating Ema came in and told me I should call mom and read her my 4 H paper, she made her smoothie and I called mom however I noticed what I thought was a dead roach but it was alive so I had to catch him and put him outside. I read out my paper to mom and aunt Pam, before mom said something about moving to Alabama. I asked her were this idea came from and why, she said she didn’t have a reason just something she was thinking about to start fresh. We talked her in to Oregon. Soon I took a shower while ema talked with her about my school, we talked to mom for hours almost 3. I was ready for the beach all but my beach bag I brushed my hair, teeth, and put on my swimsuit. I tried to work on math but I was struggling and so Ema gave me some pages to read out of a book and do a report on. I started reading but then we worked on our bags and had avocado mushed with blue corn chips and also planted some seeds.

Soon it was getting late again and we were talking about how we wanted a whole beach day, so we decided to just wake up early tomorrow and go to the beach then. We went to the papaya tree and I harvested some papaya, the milk fell on my face, when we got inside I rinsed my face and looked up if I needed to actually use soap or if it would be fine, and to my surprise it was fine and the milk actually helps prevent cancer. We made some fruit and I ate the butter scotch fruit again and also had some dragon fruit. Today when going to do a tic tok I cut open some dragon fruit, I asked Ema “is it suppose to be pink?” She wasn’t sure, we had never had a pink one just white ones so we were confused. Later when we opened another one it was pick too, so I had pink dragon fruit for the first time in awhile.

As time went by I watered and soon it was dark I saw a centipede and didn’t freak I also saw a millipede and looked at its feet while it walked the kind of look like brush brussels. I worked on my essay and now my journal. I will be going to bed soon and I’m sure Ema will be joining me too. I hear lots of bugs in the kitchen right now at 11:34 pm and even saw 2 geckos fight.

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