Day 24 . A Gift of Sugar Cane

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ I am making lots of smoothies and keeping food simple trying to settle my belly. I am so sensitive at times, and have to really listen to what my body wants. Fruits are always my safe food and smoothies are a great way to get lots of nutrients into my system. Ocean time is always one of the best medicines also, and we were hoping for a beach day. Got our matching swimsuits and leggings form the Mertailor on and were ready to go when we realized it was market day, so we changed and made our way there. I have an old friend from the island that I seem to always spend much time helping when I am around her. Our relationship began that way. You can read more on that in another post, Fish In The Sea. By the time we got back from the market it was really too late to go to the beach, so I just tended to what was needed around the home while Elle worked on homeschooling.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up very early, the sun hadn’t rose yet, but you could just barley see things “it was the crack of dawn” as most call it. I heard shays horse trailer she was collecting horses for the rodeo. Yesterday she said she would be up by 5 and get the horses. I laid in bed for a while listening to all the crazy animals squawk and such, before finally being able to fall asleep again. I woke up and Ema was on the phone in her spot talking to mom. I got up and sat by Ema, she told me she made a smoothie and it was on the glass table by the door. I went to have breakfast and grabbed you, to work on yesterday’s journal as I was writing an essay before bed and not working on you. I ate, did. My dishes, and went to the porch to work on my journal. We were planing to got to the beach today so while I did that ema got her swim suit and tail. Ema asked me “ what is today?” I told her the date and she said “ the farmers market!” So we rushed to get ready and got to the market. We got lots of fruit and a man came up to me when I was looking at a rock stand and handed me raw sugar cane, I thought it was bamboo until someone told me what it really was.

I had 2 people tell me how pretty I was at the farmers market one saying “oh my gosh your so pretty, with your freckles and red hair, I bet you get that a lot” and another saying “ you have such beautiful hair” I thanked them both, and ema and I went to look at other booths. Soon we were ready to go all but Ema helping out her old lady best friend. We helped her pack but soon I saw a roach on her car, I told her “there’s a roach on your car” and she replied by saying “a roach!” I showed her were and we dealt with it, when it landed on Ema and she was calm and swatted it away the old lady looked at her like she was crazy, before we said our goodbyes and left. We headed home were we had some food and I finished my journal, I saw a bug who was carrying another bug go across the grass too. I was ready for the beach when Ema said “ we’re to late again” so I just did tic tok and finished my essay before making dinner and now I sit here ready for bed.

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