Day 21 . Fin Fun Feature

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Photos by Ema, and a written reflection by Elle ~

Today I woke as I always do and I got up. This was when I saw my blanket was on the floor it was a ramp for any one to crawl up, but when I made my bed I checked and no one came to join me thankfully. After I made my bed Ema came in and said we were featured on Fin fun’s Instagram again, but this time their page not story, which is super exciting!

I was tired so I laid down on my made bed and texted my best friend Gracie so I could tell her the news! After talking to her for a while I decided to post to instagram as I haven’t in days, I was doing that when I heard it downpour, I ran out and saw the rain, there was so much of it, it was so cool, we decided to film it. The rain in Hawaii never last and the storm left as quickly as it came, so I went back to what I was doing. Soon I decided I needed food, so I got up to get some food but then remembered yesterday I told myself I wouldn’t eat breakfast as I didn’t want eggs so I said “ wait I’m on strike” and sat down, Ema told me I needed to eat so after contacting instagram so they could fix my mermaid Elle willow account we went in the kitchen to make breakfast.

I had 2 eggs when I got a message from Luke my brother, who had asked my best friend out yesterday, I told him we needed to make some rules and have it so I couldn’t date his friends and he couldn’t date mine. He said “no” and then said “ I don’t have any friends, so ha”, I don’t have very many friends either and he was going to ruin my friendships so I called mom and told her what was going on, at first she was on his side but soon Ema and I got her on mine. While I did my dishes I talked to mom and told her to call me back when she was done shopping but she never did so while I was cleaning the kitchen and sweeping the floor I looked for a song to use of tic tok. After that I had some clothes to put away so I put those away and took a shower, I had a gecko and a millipede in there with me, but I didn’t care and took my shower.  After my shower I got dressed and brushed my teeth before doing some tic tok, I did a few videos before Ema and I went to the kitchen for food. She was hungry but didn’t know what was safe to eat so she made guacamole and had some crackers with it before realizing there were ants in the package so she threw those away and we looked through the open foods to see if there were ants in any of those before transferring all of the good foods. I started to make my Mac and cheese, I didn’t know I had to boil the water then put the noodles in so it took longer for me to make, I put it all in a bowl bigger than my head.

That was when I got out my essay supplies, but soon Glyn came and Ema needed to help her with packages. After she left Ema came in with a package in her hand she said we had a package from terry, who is in California, we got chocolate and cards and a bee dish towel, terry is so sweet.

Then I turned on some music did my dishes and went out to do my essay, I decided to start a new one because the one I was doing was taking way to long. Soon I decided to go in the copper bath tub in my tail to make some art, I saw 3 geckos one big green one one little clear looking one, and a dark brown one that was dark everywhere so it looked burnt or crispy. I stayed in the tub for a while, when I finally got out I saw the copper bath was making my tail green! So we put it in the wash and I put on my pjs, and continued my essay, Ema didn’t like that I was starting a new essay after all the work I put in, so now I have to do two essays not one, we did a joint post card but then it was dark. I was hungry so ema started making herself a smoothie for dinner and I had my bean meal. It was good.

I cleaned out my water bottle and we fed sunny. I walked in the room and was standing in the door when plop, someone just fell on me I thought, at first I thought it was a roach so I started shaking myself but then I realized it was a gecko so I was fine. I was journaling when I remembered I left water in the tub, I went to empty it but I saw a giant roach through the glass so I took a minute to build up courage and went to empty the tub, that’s like the 3rd roach we’ve seen in there, so we need to contact Glyn about that. Now I sit here journaling and ready to sleep, I have already gotten in bed and Ema is sleeping, and I just need to take the last drink and finish this. goodnight.

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