Day 22 . Beach Day and An Essay

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A written reflection by Elle. Photos by Ema and Elle ~

Today I woke up and Sunny was meowing as she did every morning, and today she followed me into the bathroom. I wasn’t sure what time it was so I went to the room, Ema was up, she woke when I opened the door. I sat on my bed thinking were this fear I had was coming from, I remembered the big beetles in Michigan I would poke with sticks until I made them mad and they would pinch the stick with their pinchers. I also remembered how everyone was terrified of the rose bugs in Michigan but I would just grab them and play with them, or take them out of someone’s hair so why was I afraid of the small flying roaches here, and why was I afraid of the big ones. I thought about this for a while and I asked myself what the solution would be. After that I decided to go eat breakfast, I only had one egg so I had that and my cauliflower cheese its with my purple potato stuff. During eating breakfast I got out my essay supplies. I talked to mom while I ate and when I finally finished talking to mom worked on my essay. Soon Ema came in and we had a talk about homeschooling, then she left to do who knows what. I worked on my essay and finally finished. I ate my Mac and cheese and Ema and I started getting ready for the beach. I filled the hydro flask with ice water and got together my swimwear, I also brushed my teeth and hair. I remembered I was letting my dishes soak and still needed to do those. I washed my dishes , and remembered my swimsuit top so I had to look for that before we could leave but finally we were free to go. The drive over was long and boring but I did enjoy the view out my window. We talked about the cars in Europe and how they have their car steering wheel on the opposite side then we do, but I guess that makes sense when you learn they drive on the opposite side. After many more minutes we made it, we were at the beach!

We walked down and Ema changed into her dress, I needed to change too. We got to work on making Ema’s tic tok and after a long time finally finished it there was a lady who was taking pictures of Ema without asking which was weird but oh well and also there was a sweet little 3 year old and her mom who came up all happy which was sweet.

I asked Ema to take some pictures of me in my tail and after that I was in the water.

I tried swimming in my tail but the waves were to crazy and I was at risk of drowning so I took it off and swam without it. We swam for a while before I told Ema my stomach was hurting, she asked if we should have our mango which made me sad because I couldn’t eat that I had to have chips. We swam for a while longer before getting together our stuff and walking back. I randomly told Ema she was a super trendy sister and we had a good laugh before packing up in the car.

I saw a bug on my bag and I grabbed it and threw it out the car which was a giant accomplishment for me, we stopped at the fish place with coconut shrimp and we ate that and some fries and a lilikoi coconut pineapple smoothie. I got 7 mini umbrellas for our family’s cups and we headed home, on the way home I realized I may have forgotten my block so I called and they will call back if they see anything.

When home I cleaned out my beach bag and put everything away before getting sunny some cat food, when doing so a gecko was terrified and ran for his life when he saw me walking in which startled me. I took a shower to get off all of the sand and made a mess with water, so I had to clean that up. Ema posted her tic tok and while I was journaling ran in here and said “I have several comments and I don’t know what they mean!” I looked and was amazed by the number of views and likes she had, but I couldn’t help her because I didn’t know what it meant either so I went back to what I was doing. I went into the bathroom and saw a giant roach crawl up the wall Ema said she’s seen several tonight so I wonder why their out. I sit here journaling and the last time I checked Ema had 333 likes 1454 views and 81 followers, she amazes me I tell you. I’m sure she has more by now so I will check in a minute. Also I saw my covers go up just now and I calmly got out of bed and checked it without freaking out so I’m making progress! I was right 1471 views 333 likes and 8 comments, anyways goodnight.

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