Day 20 . Homeschool and a New Friend

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Photos by Ema.

By Elle ~ today I woke up but I couldn’t put on my dress because I was given the hardest dress to put on, so I traded out the dress she gave me for an easier one. Then I went to go pee, before going to sit with Ema for our morning sit.  Soon I decided to go get some breakfast with Ema, she had a smoothie and I had eggs, I was really sad, she had all yummy looking fruit and I had to have yucky eggs, to make matters worse my bread molded so I didn’t even get to have bread with my breakfast. Ema left after doing her dishes and I did mine, I tried this purple potato stuff but didn’t eat it as it would be good with chips but not otherwise, so I put it in the fridge for later. I went out and Ema told me I should work on my essay until it was time for us to go pick up Stella, when doing so I got up to pee and found a tailless gecko, I went into I need it mode and bam I got him, I put him on a tree near the poarch but you could tell his tail was just recently taken away as there were juices coming off it.

After that Ema was hungry but didn’t want to have a whole meal as we would be going to pick up Stella soon and we would be going for food then, so since I cant have sugar I had some cauliflower cheese its with no animal products because its a vegan brand with my chips that I like because they taste like sun chips, and Ema had ice cream with lilikoi bread and some sort of rice thing which I had a small nibble of. Then we did our dishes (as always to keep away bugs) and Ema continued journaling.

I lost the book mark that was in the book I was doing a report on so I looked around for a while trying to find it, when Ema told me it was no use and I needed to continue my essay.  

Soon Ema got up to take a shower so I worked on my essay, until it was my turn to shower. My pants were in the dryer so I was walking around in my underwear and top while getting ready, I put my hair up in a side pony tail, brushed my teeth, and packed my bag of things I would need to work on schooling. Once ready I went in the laundry room and got my pants out of the dryer, they were nice and warm the only thing was my metal buttons were so hot the were burning me which hurt so I waited to button my pants until they cooled down. Soon we needed to go so we were running to the car but I remembered I haven’t put on deodorant so I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the whole container of deodorant, instead of just putting it on, I did this because my stupid bag was getting in the way and it would have taken to long so I ran to open the gate and we were on our way to go pick up Stella from school. We picked up Stella and went to a little restaurant called gills lanai, we got fish and chips todays fish was fresh marlin yum! Ema and Stella each got a drink but I had to drink my cranberry juice so I couldn’t have any of that.

We talked with a while but I got a message from my best friend Gracie saying my brother had asked her out, so I had to deal with that, while the 2 men were making our food they were having a concert singing there hearts out which made all of us laugh and Stella said she saw a kid on the bus with here hands on the window with a face saying get me out of here. Soon our food was ready and we were all silent while we all ate, we were all full from the chips and fish so we headed back to the house. I showed Stella my big boxes and we started making something out of it neither of us were really sure what we were making until we decided it would be a turtle, we worked on that for a while before having to leave.

We drove to takata’s and had a refund for our bread before going to Stellas house so she could change into her riding boots and a pair of pants, then we dropped her off were her horses were located so she could go ride. We drove back and I went out to water the plants, it rained off and on while I did that so I got to take breaks in between but I finished just in time and soon it was dark.

Ema started to make dinner and we ate, but now I sit journaling and drinking my juice, and I have just finished. goodnight.

After my journal I did some movie trailers and took a bath with ema, when I got in the room to check my bed when I saw a little beadle under my pillow, so I put him outside and went to bed.

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