Day 19 . Geckos and Cranberry Juice

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle ~

By Ema ~ This morning Sunny the cat was my alarm clock. Bright and early she was ready for her breakfast. Almost daily around 7am she appears at my door and meows. If she hears me move in my bed she continues until I arise. I got her some food and then made myself a smoothie for breakfast. Yesterday was the perfect light mix for my belly, so I worked with the same ingredients of dragon fruit, starfruit, banana, and coconut water. There are lots of geckos around always, but today we had a very sweet tiny one visit us as I sat on the porch sipping my smoothie.

The day took us for an unexpected turn. We started off with some home school time at the local coffee shop and met a unique gecko along the way. We have not seen one quite like this yet. Turns out it is a type of chameleon.

Elle mentioned she was not feeling well, so we were off to find natural ingredients to make her well again. I always try to nourish the body with what it needs before turning to doctors. We got coconut water, as she feels dehydrated, but none of the local shops had the cranberry juice we were looking for, so we had to make the drive over the mountain to Waimea. We were excited to find My Magic Mud toothpaste in the local natural food store. We just love this company and use their charcoal paste and bamboo toothbrushes as we travel.

The natural food store was actually out of cranberry juice so we made our way over to another shop. I found a mermaid wine, but just took pictures. I liked the artwork and stand they had on display.

I also found a cake that looked like a traditional food from Madeira that I had not seen since my last visit there many years ago. I was so tempted to try one with its Hawaiian touches in the ingredients, but these days my belly is not so fond of any sort of cake, so I took a picture and cherished sweet memories of the wonderful places I have wandered in times past.

Once we found all we needed, we made our way back to Hawi. It was late, so I made a simple dinner of ramen soup and tended the evening chores. Before bed Elle worked on her journal while I organized photos and such from our journey. Hope to share more soon! I am so proud of her sipping away at her cranberry juice as she types. She is so strong willed and puts effort into healing herself. Body, mind and spirit. She is such a wise little one. I love watching her grow into a healthy lifestyle, and a whole being that believes in herself. She is so interested in the gifts of nature we were given to grow and nourish ourselves from and loves makes meals with lots of color to get an array of nourishment. How many kids prefer their veggies, and will drink straight cranberry juice. She has vowed to stop all sugars until she is well, even her beloved fruit, to heal her body as quickly as possible. I just love this little lady. She is an inspiration for taking healing into your our hands!

By Elle ~ we never went to the beach today as we had planed. I woke up around 8:00am weirdly enough as we didn’t go to bed until 1:00 am, I got up and went out to have my morning routine like I usually do. After that I went in the kitchen to make breakfast, today I wanted something salty oddly enough, but I didn’t listen to my body and made my body and decided to have my yogurt and granola as I always did but this ended up giving me a belly ache so I made an egg to have with it. After breakfast I started my dishes and Ema told me she would be getting ready to go to the bank and if I wanted to come I should start getting ready, but I needed to get ready anyways so we could go into town for homeschooling. She finished getting ready and we were talking when I told her that I’ve been having bladder problems, she told me this wasn’t good and we needed cranberry juice. Soon she was on her way to the bank, and I got into the shower. I brushed my hair, teeth, got dressed, and all ready for the day. By the time I was done ema came back. She had a bag of food, so I helped her put it away. We decided to have a snack for me but breakfast for Ema. She made a smoothie, and I just cut up some fruit, I decided to take a sip of her smoothie because yesterday she asked me to try it, however she wasn’t very happy when I did that because she didn’t take a picture yet. So she got a new cup, and told me “I couldn’t do that because its rude”. After eating we did our dishes and got ready to go to town. I am dehydrated too. I’ve been trying to pump the water so I filled up the hydro flask I’ve been using with ice and water. The first thing we had to do was go get rid of our trash, so we headed to the dump. On the way back from the dump we stopped at a grocery store hoping they would have some cranberry juice, however they only had cranberry juice with other fruits, and a cranberry juice with sugar, but we needed a cranberry juice that was 100% cranberry’s, no other fruits, no other sugars, so we just got coconut water to help my dehydration. We headed to the cafe for schooling and found a spot to sit and work, however soon we realized I forgot my notepad and so we had to find what websites were what and what one we needed to download to my chrome book. After that Ema ran to the natural food store across the street to see if there was cranberry juice. When she came back we both worked for a while and I finished my reading entry test, and did my first section which took me 25 minutes and I got 88% from getting 2 questions wrong, during this time I went to the bathroom several times, once from being pooped on by a bird. After finishing schooling for today I looked around the cafe were they had things for sale, and then in the shop next door before we left to go home for a minute before driving to weameia. We talked to mom and then Ema tried to call Glen but he didn’t answer so we hurried into the car as the store would be closing soon and we were off. We enjoyed the view on the way here, but unfortunately on most of the ride here I felt sick and very blah. Ema was clearly worried and checked my head, but once I got out of the car I felt much better. We looked but couldn’t find what we needed, except for some natural pills but we were told to go to this other place were we might be able to find some juice. We went in and I had to pee again so I went in the bathroom, then we did some shopping and found the juice we were looking for. Now it was dark so we drove home in the dark. I fed sunny and ate a meal of romin, now I sit here drinking the cranberry juice one drink per sentence, good night.

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